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Concrete spirituality

July 20, 1984
Russia (Soviet Union)

        What is a concrete spirituality? If we look at it in the most practical way what shall we see? By logic of our minds and our occult knowledge we’ll see that we have only three bodies of the seven ones of the Cosmic Being: physical, astral and mental. These are individual temporal bodies destroyable after death. Our task is to earn high eternal bodies of Soul and Spirit which prolong us in the afterlife. And we’re given the opportunity to enter the highest planes of being, to touch the higher-frequency vibration of these planes and intensify the main fine-matter bodies of Manas, Buddhi, Atma. At the same time temporal bodies become a conductor of these eternal ones.

        And here you start thinking of what they are - the eternal bodies - Manas, Buddhi, Atma? They are not a physical body, not a feeling, not thoughts, and not a self-image. So will those all be thrown away? So those all die sooner or later and nothing’s left? And what if I focus on principal bodies now, maybe I’ll succeed at something in this life?

        And so I start to search absolutely materially just like I choose silk fabric for a dress, but I search for a “colour” and “silk” of my eternal attire. I start to seek what it is in concrete terms. What kind of state is it? Fullness? Void? Silence? Awe? Radiance? What is it? When I start searching for it my narrow concern of my physical, astral and mental bodies disappears as they are a short-term treasure. I become rich in God.

        What is God I become rich in? What do I look like as a Soul? In which situations I am a Soul? How does it look like energetically, psychically? Which and where are the parallel evidences? I start to remember my spiritual experiences of catharsis, meditation, prayers, sacrifice and exploit.

        If Light didn’t come to me I cannot recognize It. But if in some degree or in some volume It did come to me I can recall it all the time.

        God! I can understand a human and his difficulty. You often come to him by a glimpse, emotion, inspiration, light. Even if You astound him. He lives as though he is not able to live with You. He is a completely different creature, as if someone made an animal live our life, read poetry, be engaged in creativity or sciences - it would be very difficult for it.

        Sometimes the Christ glimpses in the consciousness but so transiently. I must live in the Christ and with the Christ but He glimpses only once, and though this glimpse has a feeling of ultimate reality - people are around me! Just people! Happy, unhappy, businesslike, hopeless people with three temporal bodies and a flash of Soul and Spirit.

        How can I be here?! If You, the Christ, came only once or twice, how can I live with You, how can I eat with You, how can I talk to You, how can I be with You?! Here is a great difficulty of a human. And it’s a pity that religion doesn’t speak about it concretely. Yes, of course, there are morning and evening prayers, books, liturgies, temples. But how shall I live all my being with You? You are so high and luminous that I can’t feel You always. How shall I make my destiny with You? Simply believing that You exist? But what’s the use of my belief? Yes, You exist but every day I live with other beings, and what’s important to me is that You are in my life.

        If I come to the temple it is often man-made. People made it and thus they rather secured themselves against the Lord.

        So then I look for people in whose life You are present in a greater degree than in mine. I speak only with them and only about You. I speak about You as my beloved One. I seek in the human’s eyes. How amazing human’s eyes are which transmit the Christ and transmit the Mother of God, and transmit the Light. Dare I look in the human eyes in the moments but when You come?

        I seek in creation. A word of human being is beautiful and his poetry is wonderful. But shall I dare to listen to that poetic word if it isn’t You speaking through a human?

        I seek in dreams. Dare I sleep and relax my body if it isn’t You coming in my dreams but if only some dark plotline structures live there.

        I seek in a feat. Dare I serve but You? Dare I eat without feeding You even if in my thoughts? And so on I confine my life to You, and everywhere I seek for You.

        Let’s do so - we’ll bring into our lexicon which is very poor because of our shame of divinity such words: “Light of Yours”. For example, in what I do there is “Light of Yours”. In books by Djwhal Khul - there’s “Light of Yours” - and then I read. In our conversation - there’s “Light of Yours” - and then we start the conversation. In other words every time we have to remind ourselves, to define exactly: “Where are we?” If we say “Let’s stand for a prayer as there’s Light of Yours” we shall know that at that moment we’re already in touch of It. Or we start eating with a prayer, but not just “Dear Lord..” and then we sit talking about the weather. Some time ago people might understand that it’s necessary to keep praying while eating. We don’t keep it anymore so we must say: “Let’s fix our Light on the physical plane”. We must weave our life of such consistent touches and not of anything else. It’s not me who must tell you: “Let’s do so and so because it is our Light” but you must start with it yourselves and do nothing without Light during your conscious day (I’m not talking about the unconscious night now). Let at least a conscious day be woven of the touches of Light. Let it become the practice of your life, your thirst, your will.

        We are practitioners, we are materialists, and we are mental. The XX century is amazing. It is not atheistic but realistic. If it realizes a fine-matter basis of its lightful being then it will really come to it. And then not only monasteries and ashrams with their particular representatives will keep on reaching the lightful weaving of the day but all the people on Earth will live according to a rule: “I live, I do so and so because my Light is in it”.

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