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Commentaries to apocryphal «Magdalene's Gospel»

May 5, 1984

         Today during the morning meditation there came a comprehension of a phrase from “Magdalene’s Gospel”: “Eve wished Adam only for herself”. That wasn’t a wish of allegiance within a couple or a protest against “free” relations. It was not the establishment of a moral law of the two, otherwise Eve wouldn’t be called a “faithful servant of Devil”.

         Eve didn’t want Adam to associate with the “heavenly orders”.How can he accept the higher energies of Manas-Buddhi-Atma when he has to organize “labour and wars” on earth!? How to join the LightBeings of the Hierarchy when it is necessary to “get meat” and to “satisfy Eve’s lust”!? Eve knew that energy of Adam was impersonal. Either it flows down to the earthy and he will be mortal. Or it will be used to “obtain the Hierarchy” – and he will become immortal. Eve chose death. “She gave meat to Adam” – and “lust burst in him”. Thus Eve found Adam for herself.

         Limited by life of earthy personality we need our partners for horizontal inter-feeding and prepare death for each other. But in the beginning we meet a person as the Soul. Love, flash of delight, a touch of the higher Being! Then when energies of the Soul are eaten by our personalities we suddenly see that the delight is gone, the state of love has vanished. After several years, days or even hours we cannot yet “keep” this state, and so one thinks looking at the other: “But he deceived me, he is not that.” Or at best he’ll say like this: “He cannot be in this state but it has remained in our memory”. And then those two based upon that experienced meeting of Souls create household, children and family. Being based on the higher meeting of Souls you fed the devil! Taken the impulse and light from up there you supplied your personality. Supplied even more than at times when it roamed the earth weeping and seeking for the partner: then at least it was submissive and waiting. And now what? Did you ever ask: family, household, children – in which energies do they all express themselves? Energies of Soul or personality, are they of the Eternal or of the temporal? What happened? You just made your personality comfortable and nothing more. “Eve was seeking Adam for herself” – and she found him.

         If a meeting (as a great magic) doesn’t reinforce the energy of the sixth ascension vibrational activity, if the Entities of this plane are not blessing us, if They don’t appear through us, exist in us – how can we practice relations of a couple? We are earthmen, we are the pedestal of the God’s Throne, we are the Earth, the seventh center of the Solar Logos, the point of His magic! How can we fix ourselves (as the act of magic) the old interactions which are oriented to enforce the energies of the Lord of the Earth! While he owns this plane we can watch the mad, reckless manifestation of sex or endless married couples who lost their love long ago, and who reinforce their lust with the easy blessing of the almighty human norms.

         «Once failed to unite within the Bridal Chamber Adam and Eve fell” (the Bridal Chamber is the joining at the higher sacral center level). It means that the center wasn’t spiritualized, that’s why Eve could be tempted by the Satan and Adam – by her… But if here was a fall here will be victory. So the revival of the Soul and The Spirit of humanity will come through the “Sacred center” as it is called by the Masters of the Hierarchy.

         We want the truth to be in the relations of the two. In our childhood we loved that truth through fairytales, we searched for it through the first love. We felt it in youth preparing for it selflessly, as if between incarnations we had been trained indeed in the ashrams of the Masters, and They had laid the awareness about that truth long before our birth.

         Eventually our memory corroded by rust of routine life, fatigue, despair, false earthly wisdom was ready to fade, but if some of us withstood, protested, fought, proceed searching and establishing that truth in our destiny, then it came not in the form of moral law but as the reality in meditation and in our visions, as the knowledge about the plane of Being, as the energetic volume of the sixth level of the Hierarchy – the sixth step of the great Jacob’s Ladder.

         To let it be realized it’s important for Eva to be changed. She has to establish a new evolutional stage on the Earth. She has to understand the benefit not of the earthly survival only but of the fine-matter spiritual survival as well. It is important for her to be able to sense energetic levels precisely. It is important for her to master meditation and distinction. It is essential she’d wish to survive to Cosmos.

         In Russian fairy tales Tsarevnas (daughters of Tsar) were put into high towers, and young fine men had to reach the highest windows of the tower. And then Tsarevnas gave them a handkerchief. But before giving the handkerchief new Eves must “sit into the higher tower”. Then the rider will have the reason why taking a run and where to fly on his good horse…

         May be the time has really come for new Eves’ ashrams on the earth? And may be the Earth will change then? May be not without a reason our Russian fairy tales had appeared on Earth where at the end of stories a new couple always defeats Koshchei and Baba-Yaga? May be it’s not by chance why above Moscow the Worker Man and the Farmer Woman (famous “RabochiyiKolkhoznitsa” monument) striving rushed up in the sky and their hands risen with a sickle and a hammer – symbols of sanctified Masculine and Feminine principles? May be not by accident “Magdalene’s Gospel” says not only about Saints of God, not only about Mothers of God but also about Beloved of God which will sometime live on Earth. May be that “sometime” has come?

         So meditation of the couple is necessary. It is necessary to get ready for the meeting with the beloved entity as for the great magic of reinforcement of new Being.

         That’s why “Magdalene’s Gospel” says that “a Beloved of God accepts Her Husband, the Apostle, once a month, and they stay together for several days”.

         If only Eve abided in Adam’s Soul there would have been no fall. Many times people touch the height of the meeting, but knowing nothing about their Divine nature, not able to meditate they fall down and only feed their lower nature.

         If only Eve abided in Adam’s Soul there would have been no fall. Many times people touch the height of the meeting, but knowing nothing about their Divine nature, not able to meditate they fall down and only feed their lower nature.

         Self-implementation into New Adam and New Eve is necessary here so that marriage would be determined not by a dreamy squeal of a personality but by your Hierarchical eternal body.

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