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George the Victorious

May 19, 1985
Fiagdon, North Ossetia (Alania)

        Here in Ossetia the icon of “George the Victorious” is the most popular. Though it is slightly different from ours. As you can see two twin-brothers killed each other because of a woman and at that moment George appeared before her riding a three-legged horse and she stretched her hands towards Him.

        When the fourth initiation is acquired, when duality is resolved and triplicity is settled, Monad devours individual Soul. It is not just so, that during two last months we had moments of touch to the mysteries of Sacrifice and Initiation and revealed a secret of Mara related to the Alans*, to the kingdom of Asura, to the epos of “heroes”-theomachists, to the cult of death. But this is the zone which the light of George the Victorious corresponds to. This zone is led as the flock, it is defeated, ringed up and transformed into Life of the Spirit by the Master Serapis.

Ossetians icon 'Saint George'

         Annihilation and devouring are different things. Asura kills the consciousness of a man fed with the victories of his selfish male life. Saint George, the Master of the Hierarchy devours the Soul, but while being crucified it “stretches her hands towards Him”. It joins the next Life continuing its evolution. As Djwhal Khul says, our aim is the transference of the Jewel from egoic Lotus to the Spiritual Triad.

         This place, this ravine seems very heavy. Lead here is not only in the water and soil, but also in the air. Sometimes there’s a feeling that it is in the heart. It slows down the organism, fetters the Soul. It makes the impulse of spiritual wings heavier and reveals the asuric element in each of us. Our caducity, our weakness, our tendency to forget about death opened to us.

         No matter how hard we try to organize our own “salvation” if we are a bit unnatural, if we do not touch the essence of things we can do nothing. Life of Shamballa and the Hierarchy is the initial essence, and external living is its duration. Now time has come not only to know about it but to Be living in the Essence and realizing that each of our movements is magical, any our thought and feeling is a change of the space. It is either death or life.

         The Master Serapis, Great Saint George, protector of these places and of the Great Initiates of these people! Let your sword be “sharp-sighted”! Let distorted pagan** cliches fall down from us. Let you obtain the Power on this land, the Power and the Glory of the true Sound – the Sound of Shamballa.

         Playing with death, ambition of people with bared impudent kundalini is nothing but baiting of their own Soul. Let it won’t be in a person. Let him replace this sneering, greedy and hot splash to nowhere by true understanding of death, by dissolving in the name of Beloved, by disappearing like by being born into the Truth of Life. Let the fervid pride of the pagans will be ringed up by the Truth. Let everything be changed which is densified for the sake of temporal and painful burst of the self. Let Victorious George clear the earth off the “serpents” and “snakes”. Let Him spread in His Light-bearness over the Souls self-sacrificing for the God’s sake. Let the Truth reign on this land. Let It lead these people. Let there are no hotbeds of poisonous, fervid, selfish programs.

         Serapis and George are much related. They are both “surgeons”. Both are those who slaughter, who open the abscesses of sin. Both are those who stop it. They are compassionate but still doing the operation. We pray for Them and ask Them: “Do not limit us with the routine flowing of the day. Give us the great comprehension of the true processes, true movement, and true intuition. Teach us to hear You as the source of our thoughts and feelings, as the Sun of Life. Do not leave us, don’t leave our invocations without Your respond, do not disclaim our eagerness to meet You. Do not leave our love without Your Love – eternal and mutual. Do not leave us staying orphans…”

* Alans here: Ossetians, ancient inhabitants of Ossetia-Alania.

** pagan here: steal from a Spiritual Source, lawless, anti-testamental.

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