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Exhausted Land

September 10, 1995
the village Dorki, Yaroslavl region,

        L.R.: People in the center of Europe (in Serbia) are standing courageously under American bombing and the insolent Gemini-Aquarius (the USA is under these two zodiac signs) is bombing them from the air. (Gemini-Aquarius are the air signs). Why are they running up? Impunity is doing much harm for them. Drained by the hysteria of mammon they will completely let loose now. Exhausted by capitalism and degraded in it.
Don’t forget that the destroying Pluto has come into Sagittarius and will stand opposite Gemini and will reveal their evil. And now with their endless bombing in the name of “the national interests” they are standing bared in the face of the whole world. Everybody, even the bourgeois, has become dumb of their impudence. This time with Bosnia.

        Sergey: Even their own Americans began protesting… Demonstrations started.

        L.R.: That is because of the unwilling of their own people to die. But there’s no notice of unwilling to see their country as a sadist (though such undisguised sadism has never been yet: devil as well as the Christ wants people to come to him through the mercy but not through the sacrifice).

        Sergey: Why during the Second World War did they drop atomic bombs on the two absolutely peaceful cities? And what would stop them from “flying” up here? “In the name of democracy”…

        L.R.: They cannot go on “in the name of”… They don’t have the higher “in the name of”!

        Sergey: And everything will be passed for “peacekeeping”.

        L.R.: Isn’t that the antichristus essence!

        Sergey: All of them are independently cheery and business-look in capitalist countries...

        L.R.: They are cheerful like a man when being led onto the surgical table - giggling cheerfully (“going crazy” with fear). That’s his “euphoria”! But in fact – an endless fear: of competitor, disease, lack of money… Their psychic from the very childhood is utterly tense in conditions of narrow material orientation. They have no higher “egregor”. They are – the exhausted, emaciated land. Not by chance the Hierarchical Ruler of “Gemini” (their zodiac) is Earth. Uranus and Neptune soon coming into Aquarius, and Pluto soon coming into Sagittarius – all this may evoke powerful hierarchical energies which they never knew. And the same energies will cause an amazing rise and the following development of the Soviet (in new universal quality) in our country which is habituated to the preliminary volumes of these high-frequency energies of Hierarchy...

        Dina: What are we to do about them?

        L.R.: Pray for their souls… By praying for their souls you connect their personality with the World of souls. Let them find themselves under the influence of the Hierarchical volume of energies.

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