"From life - to Life!"


Book "From life - to Life!"


Lyudmila Reznik

"From life - to Life!"

Series: Revelation of the Mystery

 If you will bear in mind that the sixth ray works through and controls the solar plexus (being closely related to the astral plane, the sixth level of awareness) and that the seventh ray controls the sacral centre, you will see why there is so much emotion, so much idealism and so much desire mixed up in connection with the world conflict and why also — apart from the storms in the political arena and the religious field — that sex and its various problems has reached a point of interest in the human consciousness where a solution of these difficulties, a fresh understanding of the underlying implications and a frank dealing with the situation is inevitable and immediate.

The Master Djwhal Khul via A. A. Bailey "The Destiny of the Nations" p.33-34