Mahachohan - Lord of Civilization

Group three has as its Head the Mahachohan. His rule over the group persists for a longer period than that of His two Brothers, and He may hold office for the term of several root-races. He is the sumtotal of the intelligence aspect. The present Mahachohan is not the original one Who held the office at the founding of the Hierarchy in Lemurian days-it was then held by one of the Kumaras, or Lords of the Flame, Who came into incarnation with Sanat Kumara-but He took hold of His position during the second sub-race of the Atlantean root-race. He had achieved adeptship on the moon-chain, and it was through His instrumentality that a large number of the present more advanced human beings came into incarnation in the middle of the Atlantean root-race. Karmic affiliation with Him was one of the predisposing causes, thus making this eventuality possible.

His work concerns itself with the fostering and strengthening of that relation between spirit and matter, life and form, the self and the not-self, which results in what we call civilisation. He manipulates the forces of nature, and is largely the emanating source of electrical energy as we know it. Being the reflection of the third, or creative aspect, energy from the Planetary Logos flows to Him from the throat centre, and He it is Who in many ways makes the work of His Brothers possible. Their plans and desires are submitted to Him, and through Him pass the instructions to a large number of the deva agents.

Thus you have Will, Love, and Intelligence represented in these three great Lords; you have the self, the not-self, and the relation between synthesised in the unity of manifestation; you have racial government, religion and civilisation forming a coherent whole, and you have physical manifestation, the love or desire aspect, and the mind [Page 46] of the Planetary Logos working out into objectivity. The closest co-operation and unity exists between these three Personalities, and every move and plan and event exists in Their united foreknowledge. They are in daily touch with the Lord of the World at Shamballa, and the entire guidance of affairs rests in Their hands, and in those of the Manu of the fourth root-race. The World Teacher holds office in connection with both the fourth and fifth root-races.

Each of these departmental heads directs a number of subsidiary offices, and the department of the Mahachohan is divided into five divisions, so as to take in the four lesser aspects of Hierarchical rule.

Under the Manu work the regents of the different world divisions, such as, for instance, the Master Jupiter, the oldest of the Masters now working in physical bodies for humanity, Who is the regent for India, and the Master Rakoczi, Who is the regent for Europe and America. It must be remembered here that though the Master R., for instance, belongs to the seventh ray, and thus comes under the department of energy of the Mahachohan, yet in Hierarchical work He may and does hold office temporarily under the Manu. These regents hold in Their hands the reins of government for continents and nations, thus guiding, even if unknown, their destinies; They impress and inspire statesmen and rulers; They pour forth mental energy on governing groups, thus bringing about the desired results wherever co-operation and receptive intuition can be found amongst the thinkers.

The World Teacher presides over the destiny of the great religions through the medium of a group of Masters and initiates Who direct the activities of these different schools of thought. In illustration:-The Master Jesus, the inspirer and director of the Christian Churches everywhere, [Page 47] though an adept on the sixth ray under the department of the Mahachohan, works at present under the Christ for the welfare of Christianity; other Masters hold similar posts in relation to the great oriental faiths, and the various occidental schools of thought.

In the department of the Mahachohan a large number of Masters, in fivefold division, work in connection with the deva evolution, and with the intelligence aspect in man. Their divisions follow those of the four minor rays of attribute:-

      1. The ray of harmony or beauty.

      2. The ray of concrete science or knowledge.

      3. The ray of devotion or abstract idealism.

      4. The ray of ceremonial law or magic,

      just as the three departmental heads represent the three major rays of:-

       I. Will or power.

       II. Love or wisdom.

      III. Active intelligence, or adaptability.

      The four rays or attributes of mind, with the third ray of intelligence, as synthesised by the Mahachohan, make up the sumtotal of the fifth principle of mind or manas.

   "Initiation, human and Solar" by Alice A. Bailey (the Tibetan)