House of Bread

29 March, 1988

Lyudmila: When my mother left the physical plane I saw her in a dream on a very high plane first. Then (stage by stage) she began to come to me in different plots. And everywhere she was screaming that she was dying. She was always afraid of a next death, dying already not on the physical and etheric planes but on the astral plane. (In my over-night evidences I used to observe this process described by Djwhal Khul in "The Problem of Death".) When I last saw her in a dream she was again screaming that she was dying...

But what struck me was the case with my dad (shortly before his decease). When his Soul had already departed and only his sick physical vehicle remained, he began to come to me in evidences (as a Soul). One day when he came to me again through a subtle contact he said to me: "Now I will go with all of you, with you, with your disciples". Do you remember when I told you my dream where he was "with medals", and we two were at first very high? We descended on Earth, he went near me (to the right) and said: "From now on I will go with you on Earth too".

 Later the entity of my father with whom I united then (when he went near me) began to appear constantly in my over-night evidences. After his physical vehicle had died I (in one of my evidences) found myself deep underground and saw him among the trinity of men. There was a "Georgian" prince (obviously a representative of the third part of the First aspect). There was also Igor Alekseevich - a representative of the second part of the Second aspect, and my dad - as a representative of fullness of the Third Ray in this trinity. And the first thing I asked him was: "Dad, was it hard to die?" (For me it was very important.) But he could not understand what I was asking him about. I repeated my question several times, and again he did not understand me. Can you imagine? He was not identified with what was dying. You know, it was so natural! It was more natural than that we are now sitting here and you are listening to me... Most recently, I’ve seen him again in a dream. He held out his hand to me from above and I ascended to him. Thus, I always see him as someone who has not died in his main spiritual quality.

Remember we’ve been discussing why Jews are leaving for Israel to live, a place where, frankly speaking, it is not safe. Suddenly, I realized for the first time that Jews, who have the Covenant with Living God - and being not a nation but the basis of the entire fifth race - do not have a sense of fear. Why? The quality that the fifth race has been developing is the intellect (the mental plane). This quality must be developed in all the subraces of our fifth race. ESOTERIC SOURCES SAY THAT WHEN MAN PASSES TO THE HIGHER SUBPLANES OF THE MENTAL PLANE AND HAS SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS ON ONE OF THEM, HE OBTAINS AN IMMORTAL CONSCIOUSNESS. So immortality begins with certain sub-planes of the mental plane...

When in the afterlife the astral body and the consciousness of the lower subplanes of the mental are dissolved the causal consciousness developed throughout life remains. Naturally, a Jew (as a bearer of the mental quality of the entire fifth race) has his own peculiarity in the very experience of death. At the level of a permanent atom it (this peculiarity) is encoded in their mental body. Therefore, all the subraces of our race, all the gentiles must energetically unite with this mental element. (This is similar to secondary individualization.)

At first (18,000,000 years ago) the Sons of Flame came to Earth from Venus and implanted the Manasic principle (mind) into the animal man. That event determined the further evolutional course of the whole human evolution. Now a similar process takes place, only in scale of the fifth race. Through interaction with the gentile material (but not with the mental former Atlanteans) Jews must unite their mental (third ray) element ("flour") with the second ray (astral) quality of gentiles ("yeast"). As a result, both will benefit. I call it "the baked bread" - when both "flour" and "yeast" turn (together) into a new quality. Mind united with love through the actual idea settled down by the Hierarchy gives birth to the quality of Love-Wisdom on the Buddhic plane.

In this case, I was caught by completely obvious experiences. In my youth (during anesthesia surgery) I "left" my body several times. And it was very important to remain in my essential self-consciousness. (Remember that the mental self-consciousness as an energy structure lives longer than the astral and etheric bodies.) Therefore, recollecting my dad turned a completely new side of this experience to me. I know my personality forms of consciousness (skandhas) in which I’m myself afraid to die as a gentile. I also know the consciousness in me which after death of my physical body will say the same as my dad: "I do not understand what you are talking about!" My "Self" will not even understand that my physical body has disappeared, It will go on working as always.

 So, my father continues to contact me on the subtle plane and helps me from there. I’ve never had a feeling of him: "Died!" As for my mother, periodically she goes through the process of dissolving personality bodies normally, but then she “dies” again and again. In her afterlife she remains identified with what dissolves, and with what does not dissolve. And there she screams that it is "she" who is dying, and then she appears again. When the astral body departs from the gentiles, the lower mind also leaves (from the first to the fourth subplane of the mental plane), then nothing remains, and they quickly lose consciousness in their afterlife. But the Jew who already constantly has his mental body on the third subplane remains (in various percentage) conscious in his afterlife too.

I want you to deeply understand the basic principle of our fifth race (guided by Saturn through Mercury) whose purpose of development is mind and intellect. Hence, Jehovah (the God of the Jews) is Saturn. Saturn in the Trinity of Saturn-Neptune-Uranus is the Mother or Father-Mother. This is the Bosom, where a new humanity is nurtured. Connection with the Father is implemented by means of antahkarana upbuilt through the mental plane. I repeat once more that there are no Jews as a nation, there are only Jews as a race, and all subraces are included in it. And our goal in the fifth subrace of the fifth race is to realise the contact with the Soul that dwells on the higher subplanes of the mental plane, that is, "to ascend the Jacob's Ladder».

Now we are in the fifth subrace with its last Slavic branch of the fifth (Aryan) race. The previous (Atlantic) race aimed at developing and controlling the astral body (feelings, emotions). The Aryan race is intended to develop the intellect or the mental body which we have already spoken of. The leading planet of the Aryan race is Mercury, and the Monads of the Third Ray governed by Saturn participate in the initiative work. In other words, the ability to respond fully to the Third Ray is being developed in humanity. It turns out that Jehovah is the God of the fifth race. If we look at the chapter on the Jewish question in the Master Djwhal Khul’s book "Esoteric Psychology", we will read that three Jews (Sim, Ham and Japheth) - who did not want to leave their gifts when the Lord called upon them to go through the portal of Initiation - became the founders of the five subraces of the Arian race. So, the three Jews became the founders (the forefathers) of the five subraces wherein the nations which constitute them are not considered Jewish. These are Arabs, British, French, Germans and Slavs. In several places, Djwhal Khul says that Jews are not a nation, but a race. The Roerichs say that the entire fifth race originated from the fifth subrace of the Atlantean race, the original Semites (Proto-Semites), and their ancestors are the pure Jews now. So, of the entire previous race (Atlantic) the representatives of the fifth subrace of Proto-Jews (the subrace which developed the fifth or the mental principle) had been singled out, and this line was carried out as the root of the fifth race, as its micromodel or embryo. It is this micromodel, or the seed, or the "flour" as I call it, that the Lord had made a covenant with. It means that the race was given the principles of initiation, such as, for example, the sephirothic system in cabbala which is the esoteric scheme of the "Jacob's Ladder" or the levels of antahkarana.

And so, the symbolic "Wandering Jew" started his wanderings. The Jews each time (as the "flour") penetrated into the "yeast" (initial material of a new subrace of the gentiles) and "leavened" them with the mental quality. Thus they passed through nations and subraces. The first subrace is the Indians, and (as H. P. Blavatsky says in "The Secret Doctrine") the ancient Indian esoteric schools consisted of Brahmas (Brahmins) and Abramas (those who turned away from the Light of Initiation and went off to bring the light of mind to the rest of humanity).

The ancient mystery that had occurred in the first Solar System was repeated in the fifth race on a small turn of a spiral. Therefore, esoteric knowledge spread from India - to Egyptians, Persians, then to Greco-Romans, further to French - that is, to the more developed subraces of the fifth race. Now this process has reached the fifth subrace of the Aryan race. I repeat that they are English, Germans and Slavs. That is why tracing the history of the Jews we will see that when migrating they consistently penetrated into all the nations which form subraces. As the final result (with their help) that very "bread" (the humanity) was and is being made, which - with the help of the acquired mental principle - will be able in future to transform the astral feeling into the intuitive quality of the Buddhic plane. This quality (Love-Wisdom, Buddhi) will be the goal of developing of the sixth subrace of the fifth race, and on a more global scale - of the sixth race as such. I remind you once again that when the mental "flour" penetrates the "yeast" then the "yeast" resists... The "flour" masters it, and the resulting "bread" is neither Jews (as the founders) nor gentiles (as the material). The "baked bread" is a new universal organism of the Earth. When it happens the whole process passes to the next national branch.

 It seems to me that there are signs showing that our fifth subrace finishes its development. That is, all "suitable yeast" goes to the "kneading", and those who do not enter the synthesis coagulate through the sense of exclusivity of their national quality. That’s why nationalism and, as a rule, persecution of Jews arise. Before this process approaches its final stage, the nation or the subrace acts more or less internationally. It develops and interacts creatively with the Jewish element. But as soon as “the bread is baked" a part of the subrace (like asuras in an Indian myth about churning of Amrita) screams: "It is mine!" It means that the "churning" is over and the part of "yeast" which hasn't absorbed the "flour" is trying to bring down the volume of the end of process for its gentile kundalini. Those of the "yeast" are in conflict as a rule and are defeated by a new nascent subrace of "Bethlehem" ("House of Bread" in Hebrew) where the New Christ is born. After that, the finished branch of the race lives out its days as an empty shell, busy with the construction of forms for subsequent actual processes. Therefore, at the end of the process in each nation there appear its initiates and progressive social actors (Suras) and its erring brethren, as well as Nazis (asuras). Suras with the help of Vishnu (born in the subrace of principle of Christ) take Amrita (a drink of immortality - Atma-Buddhi) away from asuras and continue their development. It is similar to the growing tree which lower branches dry out giving way to the new ones growing abundantly towards the Sun.

 But the most important conclusion for me is revealed in the Book of Esther. (I have worked for a long time with this mystery.) Remember, I told you that Esther was a symbol of synthesis of three bloods? At first she is Hadassah or pure Jewish (the third sub-ray). Her male part is Mordecai (a Jew). Then, being raised by the "eunuchs" (the second sub-ray), she is kind of a Christian. Later she is kind of a Muslim (interacting with Artaxerxes and Haman, the first sub-ray). But in the end she announces to Artaxerxes the king that she is a Jew, thus completing the synthesis of the full structure of the Third Ray of Saturn. She says that she is a Jew (that is, the third sub-ray) and being merged with the first and the second sub-rays she synthesizes into the main Third Ray. The little and the great close up, so the "stone" which was rejected by the "builders" becomes "the head of the corner" that's the completeness of the entire pyramid (the Spiritual Triad).

When Hadassah (Manas or little Esther) is trained (initiated) by the "eunuchs" (Buddhi), they tell her the "word" with which she can "go to the king" (Atma). At this stage the third part is a kind of rejected (Esther does not tell that she is Jewish). As soon as Esther becomes the "queen" and passes to the First Ray (Atma) then at once Haman (the asuric and the first-ray part inside Artaxerxes the king) is exalted at the king. And here the volume which has almost reached its fullness may fall down, but there works out the Covenant of God with His "foot" - the Jews (with Mordecai who at the very beginning had opened to the king the plan of the "eunuchs"). And then Haman (asur) is planning to destroy all the people of Mordecai. Haman is the main under the king! This is the peak of the achievement and at the same time that of the crisis when the whole development may be torn down. But Artaxerxes has already joined with Esther who HAD GONE THROUGH ALL THE STAGES OF SYNTHESIS OF THE SUB-RAYS OF THE MAIN THIRD RAY. He has also learned the protective role of the Covenant of the living God with Jews being saved by Mordecai from the conspiracy. Here Esther (already as the Mother or the fullness of the Third Ray) acts as Vishnu (who assumed the similitude of an "enchantress" to take Amrita away from asuras). She "enchants" Haman with an invitation to the king's feast where she denounces Haman to be "the adversary and enemy" and that he wanted to destroy the people she belongs to and through which the king saw the evil in his "kingdom". Esther announces to the king that she is a Jew, thus merging all three ray qualities into synthesis. And the king (her male part) unites with her in fullness destroying Haman in himself.

When the process reaches its fullness the "stone" (the third sub-ray) rejected by the builders becomes the head of the corner. That is, Jewish Hadassah becomes Esther the queen, full Saturn or full Holy Ghost. Full Saturn or Jehovah which is the goal of the entire race (as the Father-Mother of all the racial processes) is in foundation of all the subraces of the fifth race. He is not the God of the Jews. He is the Father, the Divine Baker of "the bread" which consists of "flour" and "yeast". That is why the Bible says that whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost (against the Father-Mother of our race) it shall not be forgiven him.

 We are developing within the Aryan race. We are Aryans and we are all "Jews". The founders of our race originated from the fifth Atlantean subrace, and they were in foundation of our race. Djwhal Khul says that the Secret Doctrine rightly emphasized divine intervention and mediation: "...It was successful in saving (from the cataclysm in the Atlantic race) a morally sound minority and in destroying those who were mistakenly focused and therefore intended to life of material aspiration and existence. This core, which was saved, formed the basis of our existing indigenous race, the Aryan race. In general, the theme of the "Old Testament" is built around the development and growth of this nucleus. Symbolically speaking, the inhabitants of the ark, their descendants and the Jewish race signify the saved remnant of mankind - saved by the Great White Lodge, in spite of themselves and in the face of enormous difficulties." ("Externalization of Hierarchy", page 124)

All those who as "yeast" have managed to merge with "flour" and “be baked" are already "Jews". They have perceived the mental principle which is stimulated and developed within and by man himself. But in the foundation of this whole process is one Father. Therefore, Djwhal Khul giving the universal teaching to the world says that now Jews must assimilate: to enter synthesis with all the races. As D.K. says, now within the fifth subrace a group of representatives of the sixth (intuitive) subrace is being formed and of which (when developed) the nucleus of the new sixth race will be formed.

 Now in our country I see the result of the work of neither the pure Semites who formed first subraces, nor even the Semites who had evolved from the second disciple-the-Jew and had been “wandering" and working in Europe through the fourth subrace of the fifth race (French, Italians and others). The Teutonic branch of the fifth subrace has given the result in the form of the communist idea, developed by Marx, a Jew, in Germany. Its quintessence is "The Communist Manifesto". And this result was picked up by the next - the Slavic - branch which (apparently) represents the last material of the fifth subrace. It is the most intuitive and will most likely become the womb for the representatives of the sixth subrace. That’s why "the yeast" in this subrace’s offshoot has tensed up the most heavily and produced the highest quality of the mental principle in order to "raise" the densest "flour". And we see it in the height of the Sound of the group Soul of our egregor in our Russian, Slavic people.


  House of Bread