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Letter №24 p. 1

Very kind Sinnett Sahib — many thanks and salams for the tobacco-machine. Our frenchified and pelingized Pandit tells me the little short thing has to be cooloted — whatever he may mean by this — and so I will proceed to do so. The pipe is short and my nose long, so we will agree very well toge[ther] I hope. Thanks — many thanks.

The situation is more serious than you may imagine and we will want our best forces and hands to work at pushing away bad luck. But our Chohan willing and you helping we will scramble out somehow or another. There are clouds which are below your horizon


Sahib means "friend" in Arabic and was commonly used in the Indian Sub-continent as a courteous term in the way that "Mr." and "Mrs." are used in the English language.

pelingized derives from a Tibetan word peling (phyi-gling) meaning outsider or foreigner, and particularly a Westerner.

cooloted refers to some preparation of the pipe. See below.

Pandit refers to Koot Hoomi.