Letter №3-B


Letter №3-B (ML-3b)

Mahatma K.H. - A.P. Sinnett

20 October, 1880

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My "Dear Brother,"

This brooch No. 2 — is placed in this very strange place simply to show to you how very easily a real phenomenon is produced and how still easier it is to suspect its genuineness. Make of it what you like even to classing me with confederates.

The difficulty you spoke of last night with respect to the interchange of our letters I will try to remove. One of our pupils will shortly visit Lahore and the N.W.P. and an address will be sent to you which you can always use; unless, indeed, you really would prefer corresponding through — pillows. Please to remark that the present is not dated from a "Lodge" but from a Kashmir valley.

Yours, more than ever,

Koot' Hoomi Lal Sing.

N. W. P. refers to the North-Western Provinces, an administrative region in British India.



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A. P. Sinnett, Esq. 

c/o Mrs. Sinnett