Letter №35


Letter №35 (ML-41)

Mahatma M. - A.P. Sinnett

December, 1881

Pages - 4.

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Letter №35 p. 1

I believe verily I am unfit to express my ideas clearly in your language. I never thought of giving any importance to the circular letter — I had asked you to draft for them — appearing in the Pioneer, or ever meant to imply that it should so appear. I had asked you to compose it for them, send your drafted copy to Bombay and make them issue it as a circular letter; which, once out, and on its round in India might be copied in your journal as other papers would be sure to copy it. Her letter B.G. was

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foolish, childish and silly. I have overlooked it. But you must not so labour under the impression that it will undo all the good yours has done. There are a few sensitive persons on whose nerves it will jar, but the rest will never appreciate its true spirit; nor is it in any way libellous — only vulgar and foolish. I will force her to stop.

At the same time I must say she suffers acutely and I am unable to help her for all this is effect from causes which cannot be undone — occultismin theosophy. She has now to either

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conquer or die. When the hour comes she will be taken back to Tibet. Do not blame the poor woman, blame me. She is but a "shell" at times and I, often careless in watching her. If the laugh is not turned on the Statesman the ball will be caught up by other papers and flung at her again.

Do not feel despondent. Courage my good friend and remember you are working off by helping her your own law of retribution for more than one cruel fling she receives is

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Letter №35 p. 4

due to K.H.'s friendship for you, for his using her as the means of communication. But — Courage.

I saw the lawyer's papers and perceive he is averse to taking up the case. But for the little he is needed for, he will do. No law suit will help — but publicity in the matter of vindication as much as in the question of accusation — 10,000 circular letters sent throughout to prove the accusations false.

Yours till the morrow.


A "circular letter" is a written document that is addressed to a closed group of people.