Letter №36


Letter №36 (ML-36)

Mahatma M. - A.P. Sinnett

January, 1882

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Received about January, 1882.

My impatient friend — allow me, as one having some authority in your theosophical mella, to empower you to "ignore the rules" for a short time. Make them fill up the forms and initiate the candidates right away. Only whatever you do, do it without delay. Remember, you are the only one now. Mr. Hume is fully engrossed in his index and expects me to write to him and make puja first. I am rather too tall for him to reach so easily as that my head — if he has any intention to cover it with the ashes of contrition. Nor will I put a sack-cloth to show repentance for what I have done. If he writes and puts questions all well and good I'll answer them

Puja is a Sanskrit word meaning "reverence, honour, adoration, or worship."

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if not — I will keep my lectures for someone else. Time is no object with me.

Had your letter. I know your difficulties. Will see to them. Great will be the disappointment of K.H. if upon returning to us he finds so little progress done. You — you are sincere, others — put their pride above all. Then those Prayag theosophists — the Pundits and Babus! They do naught and expect us to correspond with them. Fools and arrogant men.