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having being on these worlds. Your accepted conceptions of cosmogony — whether from the theological or scientific standpoints — do not enable you to solve a single anthropological, or even ethnical problem and they stand in your way whenever you attempt to solve the problem of the races on this planet. When a man begins to talk about creation and the origin of man, he is butting against the facts incessantly. Go on saying: “Our planet and man were created” — and you will be fighting against hard facts for ever, analyzing and losing time over trifling details — unable to ever grasp the whole. But once admit that our planet and ourselves are no more creations than the iceberg now before me (in our K.H.’s home) but that both planet and man are — states for a given time; that their present appearance — geological and anthropological — is transitory and but a condition concomitant of that stage of evolution at which they have arrived in the descending cycle — and all will become plain. You will easily understand what is meant by the “one and only” element or principle in the universe and that androgynous; the seven-headed serpent Ananta of Vishnu, the Nag around Buddha — the great dragon eternity biting with its active head its passive tail, from the emanations of which spring worlds, beings and things. You will comprehend the reason why the first philosopher proclaimed ALL — Maya — but that one principlewhich rests during the maha-pralayas only — the “nights of Brahm.”... Now think: the Nag awakes. He heaves a heavy breath and the latter is sent like an electric shock all along the wire encircling Space. Go to your pianoforte and execute upon the lower register of keys the seven notes of the lower octave — up and down. Begin pianissimocrescendo from the first key, and having struck fortissimo on the last lower note go back diminuendo, getting out of your last note a hardly perceptible sound — “morendo pianissimo” (as I luckily for my illustration find it printed in one of the musick pieces in K.H.’s old portmanteau). The first and the last notes will represent to you the first and last spheres in the cycle of evolution — the highest! the one you strike once is our planet. Remember you have to reverse the order on the pianoforte: begin with the seventh note, not with the first. The seven vowels chanted by the Egyptian priests to the seven rays of the rising sun to which Memnon responded, meant but that. The one Life-principle when in action runs in circuits even as known in physical science. It runs the round in human body, where the head represents and is to the Microcosmos (the physical world of matter) what the summit of the cycle is to the Macrocosmos (the world of universal spiritual Forces); and so with


pianoforte is the musical instrument now called a piano.

pianissimo is a musical term or notation for playing softly.

crescendo is a musical term or notation for increasing volume.

fortissimo is a musical term or notation for playing loudly.

portmanteau is a compartmented bag or case used to carry clothes.

morendo is a musical term or notation for fading away in tone or tempo.