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Letter №44 p. 4

the formation of worlds and the great descending and ascending “circle of necessity.” All is one Law. Man has his seven principles, the germs of which he brings with him at his birth. So has a planet or a world. From first to last every sphere has its world of effects, the passing through which will afford a place of final rest to each of the human principles — the seventh principle excepted. The world No. A is born; and with it, clinging like barnacles to the bottom of a ship in motion, evolute from its first breath of life the living beings of its atmosphere, from the germs hitherto inert, now awakening to life with the first motion of the sphere. With sphere A begins the mineral kingdom and runs the round of mineral evolution. By the time it is completed sphere B comes into objectivity and draws to itself the life which has completed its round on sphere A, and has become a surplus, (the fount of life being inexhaustible, for it is the true Arachne doomed to spin out its web eternally — save the periods of pralaya). Then comes vegetable life on sphere A, and the same process takes place. On its downward course “life” becomes with every state coarser, more material; on its upward more shadowy. No — there is [not], nor can there be any responsibility until the time when matter and spirit are properly equilibrized. Up to man “life” has no responsibility in whatever form; no more than has the foetus who in his mother’s womb passes through all the forms of life — as a mineral, a vegetable, an animal to become finally man.