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Letter №48 p. 2

parts of the world. Even in the T.S. there is a division, managed by a Greek Brother about which not a person in the Society has a suspicion excepting the old woman and Olcott; and even he only knows it is progressing, and occasionally executes an order I send him in connection with it. The cycle I spoke of refers to the whole movement. Europe will not be overlooked, never fear; but perhaps you even may not anticipate how the light will be shed there. Ask your Seraph — K.H. to let you have details thereof. You speak of Massey and Crookes: do you not recollect that Massey was offered 4 years ago, the chance to head the English movement and — declined? In his place was set up that old grim idol of the Jewish Sinai — Wild, who with his Christian rant and fanatical rot shut us out of the movement altogether. Our Chohan forbade us absolutely to take any part in it. Massey has to thank but himself for it, and you may tell him so. You ought to have learned by this time our ways. We advise — and never order. But we do influence individuals. Ransack the Spiritualistic literature if you will till the year 1877.


A Greek Brother may refer to an adept know as Master Hilarion, involved in the production of the book Light on the Path.

The Jewish Sinai — Wild probably refers to Dr. George Wyld of Edinburgh.