Letter №58


Letter №58 (ML-130)

Subba Row - A.P. Sinnett

7 May, 1882

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Triplicane, Madras, 7th May, 1882.

To A. P. Sinnett Esq.,

Editor of the Pioneer, etc. etc. etc.

Dear Sir,

I have been requested by Madame Blavatsky several times within the last three months to give you such practical instruction in our occult Scienceas I may be permitted to give to one in your position; and I am now ordered by ---- to help you to a certain extent in lifting up a portion of the first veil of mystery. I need hardly tell you here that the Mahatmas can hardly be expected to undertake the work of personal instruction and supervision

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in the case of beginners like you, however sincere and earnest you may be in your belief in their existence and the reality of their science and in your endeavours to investigate the mysteries of that science. When you know more about them and the peculiar life they lead, I am sure you will not be inclined to blame them for not affording to you personally the instruction you are so anxious to receive from them.

I beg to inform you that the help hereby promised will be given to you provided you give your consent to the following conditions: —

(1) You must give me your word of Honour that you will never reveal to anybody whether belonging to the Theosophical Society or not, the Secrets communicated to you unless you previously obtain my permission to do so.

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(2) You must lead such a life as is quite consistent with the Spirit of the rules already given you for your guidance.

(3) You must reiterate your promise to promote as far as it lies in your power the objects of the Theosophical Association.

(4) You must strictly act up to the directions that will be given to you with the instruction herein promised.

I must also add here that anything like a wavering state of mind as to the reality of Occult Science and the efficacy of the prescribed process is likely to prevent the production of the desired result.

In sending me a reply to this letter I hope you will be good enough to let me know whether you are acquainted with

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the Sanskrit Alphabet and whether you can pronounce Sanskrit words correctly and distinctly.

I beg to remain,

Yours sincerely,

T. Subba Row.