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Letter №59 p. 1

Extracts I got for your benefit — pitying your impatience — from "Rishi M." See my note.

It would no doubt cause him considerable inconvenience if he were obliged to change his mode of life completely. You will find from the letters that he is very anxious to know beforehand the nature of the Siddhis or wonder-working powers that he is expected to obtain by the process or ritual I intend prescribing for him.

The power to which he will be introduced by the process in question will no doubt develop wonderful clairvoyant powers both as regards sight and sound in some of its higher correlations; and that the highest of its correlations is intended by our Rishi — M — to lead the candidate through the first three stages of initiation if he is properly qualified for it.

But I am not prepared to assure Mr. Sinnett NOW that I will teach him any of its higher correlations. What I mean to teach him now is a necessary preliminary preparation for studying such correlations.


The first sentence is written in blue by Mahatma K. H. The letter itself is written by T. Subba Row to H. P. Blavatsky. At the end, there is long note from Mahatma K. H. to A. P. Sinnett that continues on the next letter.