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Letter №68, p. 31 (2)

correct and literal translation of the Pali, Sanskrit, and even of the Chino-Tibetan technical names for the many personal entities blended in one Individuality — the long string of lives emanating from the same Immortal MONAD. You will have to remember them: —

(I) The Paccika Yana — (in Sanskrit "Pratyeka") means literally — the "personal vehicle" or personal Ego, a combination of the five lower principles. While —

(2) The Amita-Yana — (in Sanskrit "Amrita") is translated: "The immortal vehicle," or the Individuality, the Spiritual Soul, or the Immortal monad — a combination of the fifth, sixth and seventh. (*) 

(*) To avoid a fresh surprise and confusion at the news of the fifth keeping company with the sixth and seventh, please turn to page 3, et sec. [answer to question 5]