Letter №68


Letter №68 (ML-16)

Mahatma K.H. - A.P. Sinnett

After 15 July, 1882

Covers - 2.  Pages - 37.


    Page 37


    Letter №68, p. 37

    some Druze brethren and three more on their way. I was offered the agreeable privilege of becoming an eye-witness to the human butchery, but — declined with thanks. For such great emergencies is our Force stored up, and hence — we dare not waste it on fashionable tamasha.

    In about a week — new religious ceremonies, new glittering bubbles to amuse the babes with, and once more I will be busy night and day, morning, noon, and evening. At times I feel a passing regret that the Chohans should not evolute the happy idea of allowing us also a "sumptuary allowance" in the shape of a little spare time. Oh, for the final Rest! for that Nirvana where — "to be one with Life, yet — to live not." Alas, alas! having personally realized that: —

    ". . . the Soul of Things is sweet,

    The Heart of Being is celestial Rest,"

    one does long for — eternal REST!


    K. H.