Letter №69


Letter №69 (ML-69)

Mahatma K.H. - A.P. Sinnett

6 July, 1882

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I am sincerely pleased my "pupil" that you should write to me as agreed — whether you have — or have not — any special question to put to me. — It is impossible under your present health conditions that you should bring back to your physical brain the consciousness of higher planes of existence, yet remember, that the sense of magnetic refreshment is no true measure of spiritual benefit, and you may even attain greater spiritual progress whilst your psychic development appears to stand still.

Now to answer your questions.

(1) In esoteric teachings "Brahma," "Pitri," and "Deva" lokas, are states of consciousness belonging to the various ethereal hierarchies or classes of Dhyanis and Pitris (the "creators" and "ancestors" of Humanity) and of Devas — some far higher than man (spiritually)

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Letter №68, p. 2

some — among the Deva classes — far behind on the descending arc of evolution, and only destined to reach the human stage in a future Manvantara. — Exoterically these lokas represent Nirvana, Devachan and the Astral world. The meaning of the terms Devachan and Deva-loka, is identical; "chan" and "loka" equally signifying place or abode. "Deva" is a word too indiscriminately used in Eastern writings, and is at times merely a blind.

(2) You will be right in referring the "Real Knowledge" and "True Cause" of the verses quoted to the highest plane of spiritual enlightenment; the "greater darkness" into which the perfected "Siddha" is finally merged thereby, is that Absolute Darkness, which is Absolute Light. The Real Knowledge here spoken of is not a mental but a spiritual state, implying full

verses quoted is refered to "Isa Upanishad" (verses 9-14); see F. Max Muller "The Sacred Books of the East. The Upanishads", vol. I, 1879, pp.312-313

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union between the Knower and the Known.

I hope that these brief replies may throw all the light you needed upon these points.

With sincere good-will,

Yours truly, K. H.