Letter №7


Letter №7 (ML-106)

Mahatma K.H. - A.P. Sinnett

3-11 November, 1880

Envelope -1. Pages - 2.



Letter №7, Envelope

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Letter №7 p. 1

I desire to answer your letter carefully and explicitly. I must, therefore, ask you to accord me a few days longer when I will be quite at leisure. We have to take measures for effectually protecting our country and vindicating the spiritual authority of our Priestly King. Perhaps, never, since the invasion of Alexander and his Greek legions have so many Europeans stood together under arms so near to our frontiers as they do now. My friend, your correspondents seem to acquaint

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Letter №7 p. 2

you with the greatest news but superficially — at best: perhaps, because they do not know it themselves. Never mind it will all be known some day. However, as soon as I get a few hours leisure, you will find at your service your friend.

K. H.

Try to believe more than you do in the "old lady." She does rave betimes; but she is truthful and does the best she can for you.

"old lady" refers to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky