Letter №71


Letter 71 (ML-19)

Mahatma K.H. - A.P. Sinnett

12 August, 1882

Covers - 1. Pages - 2.

Cover sheet


Letter №71, Cover sheet

Attached to Proofs of Letter on Theosophy. Received August 12th, 1882.

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Letter №71, p. 1

Yes; verily known and as confidently affirmed by the adepts from whom —

"No curtain hides the spheres Elysian,

Nor these poor shells of half transparent dust;

For all that blinds the spirit's vision

Is pride and hate and lust..."

(Not for publication)

This verse is a modified version of the original, appearing in the poem "A Hymn from the Inner Life" by Spiritualist Thomas Lake Harris, published in 1848.

Non-verbatim versions of the verse were later published, unattributed, by Randolph in his book Seership (1870), and by Henry Kiddle in his book Spiritual Communications (1879).