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Letter №8 p. 3

sets of circumstances legitimate & illegitimate means may be a matter open to argument) prevented the further extension of a power, which is essentially hostile to the highest interests of humanity. Then about the English-speaking vaquil. Was the man so much to blame? You and yours have never taught him that there was any thing in Yog Vidya. The only people who have taken the trouble to educate him at all have in so doing taught him materialism. You are disgusted with him, but who is to blame? He who having no teaching but a materialistic one, rejects as dreams, the vague rumours that have reached him as to spiritual possibilities, or you (I mean your brotherhood) who knowing all about these have failed to popularize the knowledge, have in fact failed to teach him better? I judge perhaps as an outsider, but it does seem to me, that the impenetrable veil of secrecy by which you surround yourselves, the enormous difficulties which you oppose to the communication of your spiritual knowledge, are the main causes of the rampant materialism which you so much deplore. You are the only people who possess any real experimental knowledge of things spiritual -- doubtless millions upon millions possess a sort of knowledge of these thro faith, pure life, meditation and in fact the higher discipline of all religions worthy of the name. But this knowledge of theirs tho sufficing to their own souls, is not of a character to produce objective results, or tangible arguments, that they can appeal to in order to lead others by nature less spiritually minded to similar convictions to their own. You alone do possess the means of bringing home to the ordinary run of men, convictions of this nature,