Lakshmi is the Goddess of the Essence of the Christ, sitting in lotuses

12 September, 1988

        The Goddess Lakshmi is sitting on a lotus and holding lotuses in her arms. The lotuses are pink, pink-white... When we imagine a lotus and the Goddess of lotuses, the wife of Vishnu, we really see the Lotus. It means that we perceive the energies which come to us from the Space, but we perceive these energies in a lotus-like way. We turn them into a living, petalous aura...

        Why Lakshmi is the Goddess of the root or the Essence, the Goddess of the root principle of Christ? Because the Christ is the transformation of energy into Life. It is the transformation of any manifestation into the eternal Breath. Transformation by refinement, through the higher delicacy. Owing to its pale-pink, exquisite, alive, petalous principle.

        We can always remember about the lotus, pale-pink, eternally-alive and open as the principle of openness to What is High and Sacred for us. And no matter how hard we could feel, we sense that what was ‘hard’ is thickness, occlusion, which is Power, and through our love It may be directed to the Beloved, if distributed in lotus-like accordance.

        So the coagulum turns into the petals! The block - into the openness! It appears, if we - through quietness, through silence and repentance - turn to the actual beloved Canal, living at the moment. And we’ll see that any of our so-called evil is a cluster of energy, wolf-like horizontally rushing and hurting. But the same coagulum begins to blossom in lotus, to become an energetic ring, closing up in the Higher principle, blooming and delighting us.

        «The richest woman» - that’s what they call the Goddess Lakshmi. The root principle of Christ! From all kinds and forms of energies She ‘produces’ the delight of the Christ by transforming the energies from horizontal into the vertically-ringed ones, being always in the living, actual, sacred relationship with the Higher, with the Eternal, with that having sense at the moment. It is exactly ‘from everything’, because nothing is ever finally dead or finally blocked up. Will we connect our ‘occlusions’ with the symmetric Life of the Higher, will we be able to make our ‘occlusions’ breathe turning them into Lotuses?

        The Goddess Lakshmi is lotus-like. It is a pale-pink, tender color. The light of a sacred touch.  Permanent being in the dialog with the sacred one. It is never  - falling into the coagulum or into the burning state. It is always a contact, always inter-relation. Always the ring. The Lotus-like flowers amaze with their degree of openness, with multi-time multi-petal openness circle by circle. In analogy it is a normal mode of our centers, of our natures.

        Pathetically we should meditate on flowers learning of their loving openness, their aspiration to petalous openness. We learn from kundalini of Christ, from the woman of Christ. From the essence of God - from Lakshmi. From the Godmother. From Maria Magdalene. We are all the cells of these Beings. Our kundalini, our realization nature, which can breathe in a lotus mode in this tender-pink and Living One - is a cell of the Goddess’s Body.

        How many times we’ve been saying for these years: «I open seven chakras, seven petals, seven centers in a lotus mode. I live in keeping with the inmost and alive. I concern only what is now actually alive, sacredly alive, naturally alive for me. Obligatory I do it with the sacred quality, the quality of Revelation, the quality of the ultimate Truth». In fact, there are no minutes of oblivion of a man by the Light. It is us who somehow don’t want to breathe, to open. This very non-openness of “the flower” of our Essence, this bud-mode of our egoism – is the bud-mode of our habitual  restrictions, which may save from something, but indeed, the openness gives more safety, because the energetic Ring absorbs  any horizontal attack in It.

        Whether it is a prayer or meditation, or an appeal, but it the female eternal womanhood of Lakshmi, of Maria Magdalene, of the Divine Essence of  Christ –  is an endless, having no remembrance of  herself tenderness to the Saint. Whether this Sacred thing comes through a person, a flower, the sky, a thought, a mantra, a deed - it is always with a great Sense and tenderness. Even an intellectual person, simply intellectual one doesn’t come out of the system of thankfulness to the world, because he breathes. Not to mention a soulful person, more over a spiritual and a divine Person. The Divinity is a constant, tender, pole-pink breathe of tenderness towards the Sense, the greater Sense, than you are, thus much greater that you live for It. Only such existence is normal, and such breathing is normal.

        When we see people around us every day, especially the so-called close ones, we stand before them and they stand before us as buds but closed tight buds. We ‘know’ them, and they ‘know’ us. But we can’t intercommunicate like that: we are open structures, we are the abloom buds. We lack for tenderness and innermost vision; it seems to us somehow that being a closed tight bud is easier, and we bear the image of someone, and he or she bears the image of us as a bud, which means dead, closed. We need to risk for openness before another man and to orient ourselves to his openness.

        The richest is Lakshmi! Constantly open, sitting on the lotus. The richest means owning the muscles of centers or chakras to such an extent of normality, when any other beings staying around willy-nilly  experience the same openness of centers. A fine meditative fragrance.

        That is really the anti-point of Dugur and Eve, because these female beings survive owing to occlusion, rush, capture and a burning state. Lakshmi, Magdalene survive because of openness, the ring mode, because of absorption for life impregnating, for breathing with a wide-spread space.

        We know that the Ashram of Christ is in roses. After all, flowers are much a mystery for us. The fragrance is their meditation. We should learn from them a lot. When a man gives a flower or flowers to a woman, and the woman feels happy, in fact here we have a sign of astounding power. Either the man opens to her, or he offers such openness to her, and the flowers – are the symbol of her safety in this openness. This tradition is, of course, wonderful and pleasant, but still external.  We need to see the flowers of our own centres. It is a fly of a bird drifting up or an expansion of an opening flower. This is our training for the true Breathing.

        Here I speak – my throat is bound. I have no time – my vitality is bound. I must orient in a social area – I have a bound mind. We are always in a bound condition. How to teach our centers to be in trust to the world? How to teach them to be in a rendezvous, in a constant sacred interaction? Absurdly we look forward to an occasion, a glance or to somebody’s influence, though the lotuses of our centers are always ready to open and they pant with their bud-mode life and bud-mode dying, and with no-life, as a result. Breathing is not an illusion. It’s not an illusion - to imagine the higher image of Someone near you. The illusion is not to breath, the illusion is not to imagine that higher image, but let no breathing either for yourself or for anyone.

        If Lakshmi came into the world She would say: «Let your flowers breathe, learn meditation, learn from an open a centre which interacts at the moment with what is high and sacred now. If our flowers can communicate with the Sun so skillfully, why do people of this world communicate with their own Angels, Souls, with their Higher principle so unskillfully»? Over and above, the open centre bears the vibration activity equal to the Soul – and space-range changes, people change and evil disappears, and events so as the people around are transformed.

        To be in meditation constantly doesn’t mean to escape from life. It means to let Life blossom. What is our problem now? We have need for serving but we turn it into the effort of horizontal deed. We don’t understand that our main deed is the lotus-mode state. There is no other doing. We cannot do anything else. But what we have (in our mental, intellectual luggage) for each kind impulse is the sum of kind gestures, which we must do. We do them: we know, what we need to say, what we need to do. But that is the system which destroys. We need constantly and sacredly to stay in meditation within any deed, and not to allow ourselves the old modes: no gratitude, no responsibility. You may be both thankful and responsible, but in a different mode, the mode of lotus relationship, of inter-meditation, of reverence attitude to God and to the world.

        Any gesture or doing must have the character of aristocratic beauty, lotus-like beauty, the character of openness… People are in a big hurry to carry something out and are not able to carry out anything.   Hermitry may help. True hermitry is not reclusion from life.  It is your standing in the regime of the constant meditative canal which means - of the constantly open seven lotuses, so that they never close at all, day and night. And so that they never low down the petals, and never be bound.

        Unfortunately, our latest problems are caused by the absence of appropriate “breathing”.  We’re making a lot of external effort aside from the meditative ones, and nothing comes of it. When we are in the lotus-mode state (now the stream has come), we’re opened. We feel the dense body vanishing, problems and all the difficulties go away… Only delight is here.  You do the same what you did before, but only in delight. I would call it a septenary deep meditative breathing and breathing can’t be stopped. That’s why I constantly insist on septenary ascending meditative regime. “Bursting” of buds must be constantly: from the head, through the throat, heart, vitality. It must be automatically, that is why you must keep the memory of the actual Higher.

        All the time we want a response from humans. All the time we’re looking at them and waiting.  And they are waiting from us. And no one starts this special breathing. We are very absurd ‘flowers’. But once we behave correctly, then after some time there comes the energy current streaming from above and embracing us. And the Glory is already working by Itself, communicates, and loves us. And then not a single being on earth will make us slaves or will become your enemy.

        It is surprisingly simply. So many Indian icons are painted! So many of these lotuses are painted: they sit on them and hold them in arms, and they bloom on the head!  But our people still cannot understand what it is all about...

  Lakshmi is the Goddess of the Essence of the Christ, sitting in lotuses