About the work in Russia. Belief and totality.

17 May, 1990

(the talk with Pogrebinsky Yurey Andreevich)


"Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken:
for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.
And the firstborn of the poor shall feed, and the needy shall lie down in safety:
and I will kill thy root with famine, and he shall slay thy remnant."

(Isaiah Book, chap.14, st. 29, 30)


LYUDMILA: So your life is rooted in matter which you consider divine, but God (in Heavens) is just What you believe in. And in fact, life is always more total than any belief.

U.A.: It's a well-known controversy that concerns everybody...

LYUDMILA: No, it doesn't concern everybody, it refers to the gentiles, who in the Gospel and in the Old Testament are mentioned as having the serpent's root. What does it mean? It means that I believe and fear like a demon, but my truly life principle is of the serpent's root. The life goes on due to quite a different Law. Not that we must just believe in God, but we must totally accept Him as Reality, and begin changing our life fundamental principles, the very basis of them, instead of saying: "I still remain here, but God — He is there, far away..." And give up hope that a certain Rutskoy* or somebody else (becoming a president) will alter your life, you know. You are still preoccupied with the idea of how to keep your physical body safe. Fyodorov*, as а philosopher, might well be genius, if it were not for his postulate of preserving the bodies. I wonder how he could, while proving the sense of reality of God that he once experienced, talk so recklessly about the transformation of a mortal body, just flesh. What lack of intuition! How he dared to proclaim that! Even an aspirant, a beginner in his spiritual practice is aware of subtle material structures which he as a human being consists of, especially when he has already sensed those structures inside, and now fully realises the fact that a physical cover — is nothing but a temporary costume....

U.A.: But all the world Christianity is based on it!

LYUDMILA: Sorry to say, but it's the wrong base. Such Christianity directly contradicts the idea that Christ gave birth to. The reason why He crucified His body— was just to show the people that it doesn't represent the principle at all.

U.A.: Nevertheless, Fyodorov's doctrine, as compared to the traditional views of Christianity and being based on its fundamental principles, still proves to make a step forward.

LYUDMILA: Yurey Andreevich, I see that you feel quite comfortable with your viewpoint.

U.A.: Oh, no. Far from being that.

LYUDMILA: You feel happy, because such a position gives you social prestige and the possibility of working with people... of course, you are welcome. But I have to warn you that you can turn into an Antichrist agent long before you realise how it happens, for in material life you assert one law, but in your attitude to the belief in God you demonstrate quite a different one. Let me say it to you once again, that the energy, granted to us by Cosmos, always floods through the crucial points of life, and not through belief. Therefore I cannot make a fundamental accent on the densest nature itself, the physical plane, based on its own principle of life extension. Otherwise, it comes out that I actually pray for it. That's why It is so hard to induce people to gain the experience in recognizing different energies, for they start getting angry as soon as you attempt to reveal the problem in their own self, because they feel quite comfortable with their belief, but their life, by the way, sits in their own kundalini with their families, wives and children nested there, and with their beingness — rooted in the social society, the densest structure; and as a result of it we face — the most brutal materialism, insolent and brazen, but of some strange believer's character, — spreading all over the Earth nowadays. You’d better abandon for the monastery — that'll be more honest. Live a monastic life there, close your lower centres and only — pray. But if you rely on your belief, but still keep dwelling in the spheres of material existence, then you have to alter your lower nature according to the Law of God. But your basic principle is the materialism, which is dominating in your life. Obviously, we must admit that all orthodox religion appears to be just nonsense, in fact. Not to mention this, what about all the rest which has been done to the country in general, and what nearest future are we in store for? Anyway, you had your choice, and there it is.

U.A.: I still ask you to look through my program. There come some technical points first, but you can read the next page....

LYUDMILA (reading): Now I see here, for instance, the point "The role of cemetery"?! Don't you know that corpses must be burnt down by all means and preferably within three days after death, better – within three hours. Otherwise, it would be very hard for the consciousness, the Soul, to free itself out through the dense astrals and aethers attached to the dead body. But even if it breaks out through, it'll still be wandering around in the lower astral layers of the Earth, suffering in agony. It's common knowledge for all the monks in the East, and this theory is also widely spread among all more or less educated people in the West. You know what most disgusting thing the communists did in our country… instead of admitting the reality of the Soul body, its spiritual subtle state and immortal nature, and by this — inspire the communist idea for further development, they "made this stump of Lenin immortal" and placed it in the centre of the Red Square.

What a strange idea, and how could you support it? What role of cemetery do you mean? It's for the good reason that spiritually inspired people definitely demand that their physical body be burnt down right after death and as quick as possible, the body that you so much rely on, by the way... You'd better decide on what is the Major in fact, and make It your support right now. And think of what spiritual height, that you've reached in present life you will "jump off" into the formal world, being newly born for your next incarnation. Definitely, you will be given a new body in your next life, don't worry...

U.A.: But I’m quite happy with my present body...

LYUDMILA: (reading out loud): "I consider the role of cemeteries to be greatly important because of the process of setting up contacts between the dead and their relatives still alive." No, you cannot write this way!

U.A.: But it is Svetlana*** herself who wrote this...

LYUDMILA: I have no idea who is "Svetlana herself", but if she thinks so, I feel pity for her and don't envy the afterlife she is going to have.

U.A.: But she is the leading researcher of Fyodorov's philosophical doctrine!

LYUDMILA: It's "perfect", but if she advocates the concept of the body which decays after death, I wonder what’s going to happen to her consciousness. It's exactly such beings, who are roaming as ghosts about cemeteries afterwards, — former people, totally oriented towards the material flesh world in their earthly life. Instead of their consciousness rose higher in the afterlife — up to the astral plane and then further to the mental zones, where it' would analyse the results of its incarnation and where the emotional reflection is far more joyful than it is here on the Earth, — all these ignorant people would sit by their rotting corpse in the lower dense astral of the Earth. And their consciousness would be disintegrating as well, because it identified itself with matter which must inevitably disappear. When you bought your first suit, you hardly ever thought that it would be only once and for ever in your life, such an idea couldn't t even come to your mind. But if you are so stubbornly focused on the flesh nature, it means that you deny the reality of your Soul existence in general. According to your standpoint Soul is just a certain belief in something ephemeral. It seems not a real body for you. In fact, the materialists are quite persistent in their assertion that when a body dies, nothing is left afterwards and not any Soul exists., but at least, they are more honest in their approach than you.

Oh, what a losing game you are playing! It's not just for nothing that I repeat the same thing to you all these years, once and again. You can take from Fyodorov’s doctrine all that is useful, but don't make such a fundamental accent on the physical flesh, otherwise the whole system will turn from the spiritual — into the gross materialistic one. Is it really possible — to rise higher and higher to God in your ideals, then move all your aspirations over to the social plane and finally settle down in the gross materialism?!

Here you write: "The scientific approach to achieving immortality". Oh, Mother, dear! Immortality of what? What does your Fyodorov's disciple write about? See how everything is coherent here: Lenin, lying on the Red Square and you personally, in attempt to "push in" Fyodorov's outlook, regardless of the wrong basis of it. What are you all doing?! Don't t you really understand that you are going against Christ?! He never spoke for any physical body that it must live forever. He stood for the body of Spirit which is Real and incarnated billions of times! For Christ — you only leave the belief in Him, while for you your physical "costume" still remains primarily important... Can you sense the priority of your accents?! I feel pity for your Soul, as you undoubtedly kill it with such your concepts. It comes out that you were incarnated in the denser material for the purpose that your Soul could win, but you make all the spiritual gains of your previous lives pour down into this lower zone, and allow the form dominate as a result. There passed many incarnations during which you were developing and purifying the substance of your emotions, your thoughts... And now you are embodied in the zodiac of Virgo, the element of earth, in the formal social, scientific structures... and here you are "trapped"! I love your Soul and I say that here in our country you are given the denser material of Aquarius, the Russian and Soviet nature altogether. Now look! You’ve been involved into the complicated situation., but you are not the only one anyhow. Now all those who make a particular accent on their nationality of " the Russian" for some strange reason start behaving like that. I suggest that you read Russian folk fairy tales... It's notable why Ivan the Fool was slaughtered to pieces by Kaschei the Immortal... isn't it because these two are just both sides of the same entity? Ivan the Fool – is the Soul, and Kaschei— the personality (Dweller on the Threshold). And why Ivan let his body be slaughtered, his physical body, by the way, but finally he got it revitalized… The sense of this Russian tale might not be that simple. So it's the good reason to ponder if there could possibly be hidden the fundamental materialistic point, or accent on the earthly gene life duration, that is fixed deep in your consciousness. You should watch out the principle moment — what is dominating in your mind? The earthly gene flesh which you give the status of the root priority, or God. Pay attention to your total reactions, to the way how you settle the problems of your physical survival or, suppose your attitude towards the poor health of your nearest, or your own illness...You have to determine quite honestly for yourself the moment when and where your life becomes natural indeed. This point is greatly important for the Russian man now, otherwise he will inevitably fall together with his mysterious Soul right into the paws of capitalistic Kaschei.

And if we consider this all with sober mind, we'll come to see that as a matter of fact people even don't have any real belief! No doubt, the Fyodorov's doctrine may well be apt for the development in general, and it doesn't matter much that different masters of science degree or others promote it. For example, I am quite sure that you as the Soul are much more developed than all of them, including that "Fyodorov's disciple" as you call her, and so I repeat — I feel sorry for your Soul, as I think of you to be the spiritually advanced person... It's probably the reason why in present incarnation you were not "pushed in " to join those with their doctorate degree but you specialised in Law. To my mind you might be a monk in your previous life and you progressed on the line of the Second Ray, but it's time for you now to start generating the First Ray qualities; that's why you got the juridical education, and this is closely connected with the politics, you know. Let the rest talk on the immortality of the physical body but you must switch to the spiritual track and try to feel it more intimately.

It's not without the reason, I am sure, that now and then you are driven to "The Philosophy of Collaborative Work"** a universal teaching in a certain sense., not quite by chance. I love you and so I beg you: — Please, don't mortage your soul to this small but essentially significant point, at which they divinize the physical form indeed, and whether you choose flesh or God – that makes the most principle choice. Therefore we witness the domination of woman., of sex and of children over us merely because deep inside ourselves we don't believe in our extension as Soul but have an implicit faith for our gene duration through children. It’s the assertion of materialism again, believe me, and here we must not lie to ourselves. Apparently, the ambivalent consciousness is so deeply inherent to our Self that we cannot even realise the fact that our belief in Christ remains just elusory, while the actual and real rivals to Him in our routine life are our children who are convinced that according to the law of physical duration we must contribute to them materially and retire as far as possible. Our physiological motherhood, our every day life, care for body— here are the natural competitors to Christ. So even if it's only you, who is conscious of it, then according to the Law of precipitation of thoughtforms there appear many in Russia who will understand it too. I mean that if you ponder it over deeply and with sincere pains of your Soul, the discrepancy and duality of a Russian man may disappear at last, — with his upper part praying in church, his vital centre being locked up, whereas his lower part — sacral and kundalini lives by quite a separate logic. So we see what really happens— in fact, kundalini is the point of natural life, where the basic logic is spotted too. And Fyodorov merely proves this consequence. We definitely cannot call it a mistake, but rather the immaturity of spiritual age, though Fyodorov as a philosopher, generated many remarkable ideas; but believe me, dual beauty often turns out to be worse than homogenous evil, manifested directly. It's what we call "Hell is paved with good intentions". Surely, the energy flowing from the High is granted for higher intentions, but watch out —- what kind of nature is it poured on?

U.A.: Please, read the program further more...

LYUDMILA (reading): Here I see Trofimova's words sound not bad, but it seems to me that all this will close down right at the mental level, and perhaps It's good. The paper looks quite presentable.... Oh, yes. Who organized the work?

U.A.: One very interesting man, an artist, philosopher...

LYUDMILA: I see... No, Yurey Andreevich, I cannot take part in this, sorry. Those who claim doing the good in such way, but don't allow the Divine nature Its fundamental subtle material Reality, — they are my enemies. Now I can see it quite clearly.

U.A.: (excited): No, You... you are making a mistake...

LYUDMILA: Well, may be.

U.A.: If you perceive the Truth you don't have the right to reject such possibilities...

LYUDMILA: How is it — "I don't"?

U.A.: No. You must come out and say your word...

LYUDMILA: But then we’ll get the row. What for? It makes no sense.

U.A.: Why make a row? We needn't. You just articulate the Truth and your interpretation of It. Attend to the arguments And disprove them, that's all. I think it's a real operation field, is it not?

LYUDMILA (reading): "Repentance as the way of salvation, as the renunciation of magism" — Mother, dear! What is it?... Of magism?! "The spiritual rise, the awakening of genuine belief" – my God! "The Church of Spirit" — and how do they know what it is, I wonder? You see, I am ready to talk to people whose way of thinking is, albeit minimally the same to mine, at least some initial ideas are correlated with my comprehension and close to it. But if everything, I am going to speak about, is alien to their mind, they will definitely get offended. And their standpoints will provoke my indignation in turn.

U.A.: Not that dramatic...

LYUDMILA: And what next? Shall we get raged at each other?

U.A.: So this is what we are expecting, isn't it?

LYUDMILA: To my mind we are moving towards spiritual degradation. Russia has chosen the wrong course.

U.A.: And what shall we do then?

LYUDMILA: If the authorities in power follow the path of the destruction of moral values so persistently, the whole system is destined to collapse.

U.A.: Oh, is it?! There is one thing that I don't understand. If you possess the sense of the Truth.... which now all the humanity is longing for...

LYUDMILA: No, they are not longing for the Truth. Look, I am articulating It to you just now, and you don't hear me...

U.A.: But I mean all the humanity...

LYUDMILA: It is only words, Yurey Andreevich; a man used to attend only to the words, which — let it be one percent, —— are agreeable to his inner Self, you know. Otherwise he won't be able to grasp the sense. Even if ninety nine percent of what I am saying is alien to your mind, and only one percent that we have in common, — you will feel the Truth in my words anyway. It means that you've gained the similar experience, equal to mine, but what if it' comes to be one hundred percent of quite different experience and comprehension... So in all that you offer me I don't sense even the slightest trace of my spiritual direction, just nowhere, - not in a single phrase, neither in the team of participants, nor in their approaches. They all are involved in something quite different from the vital task...

U.A.: But there is the special subject that we suggest for your report.

LYUDMILA: What subject?

U.A.: Well, it's a personal project called "The centre of diagnostics and personality harmonizing ". It seems to me, your report will be quite appropriate for this...

LYUDMILA: I have no idea about what it is. And to appeal to people with something worthless for them —- means only provoke their hatred...You know —-When going with a blatant lie against their truth?




* Alexander Rutskoy (16.09.1947) — the Russian politician., vice-president of Russian Federation (10.07.1991-25.12.1993), who officiated as the President of Russian Federation from September 22 till October 4, 1993.

** Nikolai Fyodorov (June 9, 1829 – December 28, 1903) a Russian Orthodox Christian philosopher, who advocated radical life extension, physical immortality and even resurrection of the dead, using scientific methods.

"The Philosophy of Collaborative Work" — the name of his philosophical doctrine.

*** Svetlana Semionova (23.08.1941-09.12. 2014) — a scientist, specialising on the history of Russian philosophy, the researcher of philosophical writings of N. Fyodorov.



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