Caterpillar and butterfly

(New translation)
9 August, 1984

 Let us imagine by analogy the personality as a caterpillar, and the Soul as a butterfly. Here is the personality, which has got some information about God. It reads a lot, has methods and systems in its operation, but never experienced in reality the state of being the Soul. And therefore, everything which has been told by others about the Soul, the personality shifts into its mental perception, where it creats religions, trends, and – becomes proud and quite satisfied with itself. It looks the same as if a caterpillar, being unable to fly, once learned about a butterfly and got proud of itself, thus gained the additional feed and grew fatter. It’s exactly what the black occultism is based on.

But there are people, who know both the states – of a caterpillar, and a butterfly as well. They find themselves in better position, because they have the ability to reject something in themselves, to make a sacrifice and be focused only on the flight of a butterfly.

Now there arises the question: does the caterpillar really have the right to be proud and satisfied with itself? It needs to put efforts to be able to fly! It’s incredibly hard, so it has to die, and burst out of the old shell only as the butterfly. And it needs to take the decision somewhat deep inside its nature: be ready to die as a caterpillar at quite a certain moment. But the one which stays proud, still remains in the state of a caterpillar, and more over, being always “right” and utterly “competent” about how to fly! These caterpillars are the fattiest and the most dangerous ones.

So, if you have no experience of the butterfly’s state, but only have a vague idea of what the flight really is, then all your “high” talks about how to be a butterfly turn out to become merely the feed for a caterpillar. So what shall you do then? You must tell the One, who is not envolved in the process and Whom you really trust: “When I become totally 100 per cent a caterpillar, cut me to pieces!” You transfer this right to Angel, to the Master, to God: “In case I am fully homogenous with “the caterpillar”and I don’t have any other evidence, but the evidence – of my own self, then take me and split, for I am humble and obedient before You”. Here appears the necessity of total attending to the One, Whom you trust absolutely, even if at that moment all your inside nature rises in conflict against Him. He “splits” you, and only then you get vitalized and can proceed with your move on the way.

So you should bear in mind that in case your Soul is not that strong and the “butterfly”doesn’t fly high enough yet, you must have The One, before Whom you stay in reverence, and He will save you.

  Caterpillar and butterfly