Do you know your higher gains?

(New translation)
9 May, 1984

 So these two working weeks revealed the problems of a physical body to us. Lack of sleep and hard daily labour made us realize that our body is, in fact, of a temporal nature.

As soon as we are given an injection or surgery, our flesh gives out such a sharp and desperate cry, that makes us instantly assimilate with this pain, being amazed by its reality and total nature. Yes, we are aware of the fact, that a physical body is temporal. We definitely know that, but the mental knowledge of this fades away somehow and we rarely treat our body as temporal. You know, when you physically get exhausted of the daily round, you will finally come to see that the principle of consciousness that once entered your body and has been using it ever since, after gaining its temporary experience here, is going to leave the physical body and the physical body will disappear in its turn. The same way animals disappear. Similarly, grass disappears, as animals graze on it. It is also true for grass absorbing minerals which makes them disappear as well. We see nothing special about this process. But as soon as we come to the fact that Soul eats up personality, we make believe that “Soul saves personality”.

In the “Apocryphal Gospels” there mentioned the utterance of Master Jesus that “God is the devourer of people”. All the sources that are based on the esoteric knowledge and the origins of the occult practice prove that Universal Life is immortal, but within It the higher types of conscience devour the lower ones which, starting with the human stage have their free choice: either to be saved, assimilating with the One Who “devours” them up, or be “devoured” if merged with the lower levels of physical, astral and mental bodies; merged with those who are eaten up. Whether we like it or not, the problem of death or the problem of temporary life of a body exists in reality, and the earlier we stop being proud of ourselves as personalities, the more time is left for us to develop inside the principle of the One Who “devours”.


These days the body has obviously become one of the objects of the temporary world, though more perfect than all the rest. Our “wonderful” body that we adore and patronise turns out to be something that will inevitably undergo a complete collapse. We‘ve seen this structure as our robe, as a temporary construction. As Jesus says: “...and your will disperse flesh among plants and animals because you recognised yourself as a flesh”, – you remember Apocrypha? As soon as the problem of physical body became actual, immediately there sprang up more careful attitude to it. Careful, tender, a sort of understanding – as if it were a certain wise organism, very delicate, very childish, which serves for us but is something stand-alone. We separate ourselves from it because its temporary life and its mortality has become not merely the point of our comprehension but the deepest and inalienable emotional experience.

It is in this state that you feel humble. You ask yourself: “What do I pay respect to? To myself as conscience in this body or to this body as it is? Have I worked up my spiritual conscience yet?” You know, when it is difficult to find the way out, then at least you must do all that there will be no lie. “Body decays apparently” – is the statement or a secret word of masons which replaced the ancient slogan “Memento mori” (“Remember death”).


Yet we know that the astral body as the sum of emotional cliché also disintegrates. And thereafter the mental body is subject to disintegration as well. These bodies are more fine and perfect as compared to physical ones but they also disappear. So can you imagine how hard the higher cosmic nature must be working to create our astral-mental vehicles (our personality)? From the human viewpoint they are amazingly beautiful organisms (as compared to plant, animal, mineral). Suddenly a man has to realize that he is not only physical, but also an astral and mental corpse. And nothing whatsoever.


And what shall we do then? How to succeed in becoming the one who takes control over our personality till it’s not too late? And how much important our personality is – that it claims its priority which will result in no gain for us?!

After such a revelation some people rush to their children as to their possible real continuation of their own self, getting ready to die in them. Others hurry to create “immortal” masterpieces. But both variants is just an illusion. What really remains unruined – one ought to seek inside his own nature.

Often the image of ourselves (personality) which had been developed for two and a half thousand years within the period of individualisation, is visualized in our dreams as a crone who, as a rule, doesn't want to sacrifice herself to a new organism – the Soul, and instead of doing so she follows the old habit of a growing organism – to exploit the Soul's energies. You remember Russian fairytales with their ever repeating general line – the fight between the crone Baba-Yaga and the girl?

At a time of a person's death his central Entity instantly flashes, It lights up Its personality and sees this Baba-Yaga. If a man dies by his personal ego the light of Soul or Spirit will flood into him quite free, and then there will be no crone Death, there will come Khali! Kali will embrace you and you enter the Soul's Being, and perceive It as more abundant, than the life on the Earth. But our astral and mental bodies like nourishment and so they get fed through our ambitions and our stealing the energies of the “girl-Soul”. When you realize this you ask yourself: “Do you want to survive here? Well, you can try, you will be given such opportunity, but isn't it just waste of time granted to you for quite a different purpose? Don't you spend the energies of the girl to extend the life of the obsolete principle of Baba-Yaga? “

Imagine that I have a hammer in my hand. I held it in my hand for a while, then put it in the other hand, then “played” with it for some time and finally forgot that I had to “hammer in the nail”. The same happens to us, when being assimilated with our vehicles, we forget “to hit the nail”. With the illusive nature of our vehicles we used lose our remembrance that we serve as a tool here for the Soul Itself “to hit the nail”, and by the use of our vehicles It prolongs Its own Life.

And here is what our periphery self is doing: it strives to eat up the energies of our eternal Existence. If you comprehend this fact, you can ask yourself then: “Why do you make fool of yourself? Whom are you going to report? Are you sure that somebody really cares for you if not yourself? Whom are you telling lies to? Why not taking a decision? Don't you know of your Higher gains?”


In case we continue cultivating the image of our lower Self, this crone comes back again, but this time she turns into a young “pannochka”, – slim, refined, wild…

Our Soul clings to our personality and through this vehicle the eyes of Eternity watch the world. And so does the witch – she also “clings”. So, whom do we identify ourselves with? What do we long for? Emotional, hearty joys? Knowledge? Sexual satisfaction? No, we seek for the truth and for the way out from death. I remember my mother looking at everybody as if asking a question before she dies: “Tell me what am I? Where am I going to? Where did I come from? Why do you stay silent about that? All of you, who have always been so “competent”!?”

The crone – Death – is a female manifestation. And the one we call Tzar of the World – is a male aspect. We are – the manifestation of these two entities, we are – the cells of their body. In fact, they really lend to us and they withdraw. But we are also the cells of Hierarchy of Light. The Mother of Hierarchy bestows on us and lets free.

So who are we going to choose as our mother: the crone or the Mother of Hierarchy? Who shall we identify ourselves with? What principle shall we develop? Shall we reject all that is not of the Spirit nature or continue cheating ourselves?


* Baba-Yaga — a wicked crone, personage from Russian fairy tales.

** Pannochka — a young girl, personage from the tale ''Viy'' by Russian writer of 19 century Gogol N.V.

*** Kaschei the Deathless, Baba-Yaga — personages of Russian fairy tale.

  Do you know your higher gains?