Gratitude at attacks

(New translation)
1 August, 1984

 Recently I’ve been asked by many of you one question: “What shall we do, if we are attacked by the astral entities or by people, whose veicles those entities have taken on?”

As for the concrete forms of work, here one can use many: reading the sacred texts, uttering prayers, psalms, the Gospels, The Great Invocations given by Djwhal Khul; also very important is your state of repentancе, meditation can be of help too, especially the meditation “invokation – evocation”; liturgies, or the advice of your teacher is much needed as well. To study your astrological chart of transits is also vitally important, especially attending to the planetary aspect that “strikes you a blow”, which planet is “displeased” with you, and what kind of intensive energies you fail to accept and why, what karmic “knot” occurs here, or probably your meditative chanal is now blocked.

Still presently I am going to speak about the gratitude at attacks. First of all, you ought to thank Higher Forces, the Masters, and Christ for Their testing you. You have been given the chance to ponder over your possible death. You’ve come to feel the fear of death, and it makes you remember the primary goal – surviving into the Spirit. So there is no way to justify yourself or get surprised: what’s the reason of such an attack?

Dark forces stay alert “to nail” you. You are at risk of being attacked only in case of your root homogeneity with them. It’s due to the fact that your Soul is fighting against you as a personality.

If you consider the problem of attack from such point of view you’ll become vigilant and able to see the whole situation as the front line of defence. In any case you’ll have to seek for safety and very soon you’ll come to realize that the more humble you are, staying before Light, before the Master, the more efficiently your personal image will be destroyed and the homogeneity with the world of Souls achieved, the sooner you find yourself in total safety. As a result we’ve come to the conclusio that if you were not attacked, you wouldn’t be taught a good lesson!

If an attack has come from some persons, pray for their Souls; they’ve accidentally shown you the breach in your “armour”. It quite possibly happens that for the sake of your salvation somebody is still kept in the zone of evil, bringing the evil into the world. And then you pray, as monks did, and plea for their Souls be saved but not perish “for you, а sinner”, and you convey deep gratitude to the Hierarchy for the lesson that you were given and for the debts you had to pay.

And let the idea of the sacred difficulty of birth in the Spirit settle deep in your mind and the necessity to stay strong and brave – come true. Let you be aware of the inevitability for a person to be born as a Soul, and this being his duty. Let you be vigilant, invoking and humble. And these are not just good moral norms, but qualities necessary for surviving in the Cosmic Evolution.

The attack makes you meek, it reveals all the dismal nature of your small life. So be grateful to the Hierarchy of Souls for the lesson you were taught, because it gives you the feeling of “a child who is secure with his Mother”, and this feeling makes you мhumble, and your centres open ready to accept the initiating energies safely.

And only then, after all your gratitudes, and with the immutable sense of being renewеd, you will have a clear and serene look at those who attacked you, with the feeling of not only your belonging to the Evolution of Souls, but of the immutable reality and victory of this Evolution. And there simultaneously comes a joyful and resolute decision to stand for the Genus of Eternity, to work and labor, to hold on and withstand the battle, ready to defend what has the status of the genuine Reality and is ever alive as the Supernal Light. Here appears a delightful sense of the inner joy about God and His reality. Such a state naturally dissolves all attacks.

  Gratitude at attacks