Three-level Meditation

10 May, 1985
Diagram of the painting 'The Tree Of Life. Burning Bush'

 We see only mountains here, sometimes - snow. The grey "town of the dead" and - the Sun. All here is given to you on purpose - so that not any object will catch your eye, but the space electricity itself - draw the attention of your hearts. So that you learn how to perceive the abundance of Sense in this all over grey, seemingly empty space. In town, amidst the crowds, suffocating in low astral and aether energies you couldn’t find It, you didn't see the Sun and you didn't feel the touch of the Hierarchy Entities.

But here you are enveloped in the space, filled with Sense. Welcome It like blessing, like home! Be grateful to Serapis for this shelter! Learn how to see, to perceive and breathe in this space! You are not merely rooting in the new life. You've been the Soul since long time, and here It just begins to live It’s natural life.

Be aspired but not crave for it. Die, but survive. Live on, but not be deluded! You are neither anxious personality nor relaxed Soul. The relaxation of a warrior before he strikes a blow - is not the passivity. It looks like the life of Divine Entity when It makes the instant gesture. It's not that you catch the "bird" of Spirit, but just never avert your eye from it. Neither relaxed nor active!

Don't make anybody obliged to you! Nor make yourself feel obliged to anybody, even not to your Soul, not to immortal Spirit! It's not you, who decide. All that necessary here is your calm readiness to accept the sanction and your ability to instantly recognize and conduct the spiritual Sound.

Neither relaxation, nor eagerness! Mere relaxation draws into the dark of delusion. Eagerness alone leads to madness. You welcome Father incoming and Mother - devoting. Acquire two instead of one. And then - three instead of two. Father, Mother and Son - Love between them. Let Trinity be the main principle of your life! So it be! OM

Don't make it your goal, your next point of destination. Don't disturb the Beloved. Don't trouble yourself and another one with responsibility. Don't blaspheme with rush. The touchеs of the Beloved are very gentle, intimate, subtle and accurate.

Yes, we are - the gesture of Almighty, it's true. Therefore the attentive listening to the sanction is necessary.

I've been conducting meditation with you for already three years, making your auras assimilate with different energy levels, and thus - with the Entities Who represent them. I do this whether it's visible or not visible to you, with my explanations or without them, without speaking of the heights yet premature for you to rise, and showing you via meditation the plane which is organic to you.

So I remind it to you and show it once again. First - Light-bearing Angel. Watching how your individual Soul - the girl and your dark personality interact. Pulling out of crowds of the ignorant, saving. Seating at His feet... Strictness, immutability, concentration, a certain facelessness, dispassion, the mind focused on The Higher.

Then - the Warrior and Mother of Mountains. She - almost immovable, assured, related to mountains, stone, form. She intrudes breaking into you. No face. The impression of childbirth in Cosmos. The stability of the Manas energy. The reliability of the Truth which halts your outer activity. The Warrior - all motion, progressive activity, impassively and cheerfully cutting off what is not Manas in us. Stillness and maximum motion in balance, in harmony! Keep them together.

The next - Mother of Heart. First She looks as if she is going to perish, and you feel willing to cure Her. Having triggered compassion in you this way, She instantly turns Herself into the radiant flaming dance, as if Her substance being of fiery triumph. Bursting out of the icon frame like the red-hot magma of love (you remember how in my night vision I tried "to press" Her back into the icon and close the icon case), with laugh (not as a sound but as rich radiant substance) She came into my heart.

Further on - another couple’s vision. High vitality. This is - the spiritual force. This is - power. This is - dominance of Spirit. The level where there emerge UFOs, being so funny "explored" now. Here appears the woman with "Buddha’s eyes."

This is the plane where for the first time they speak to you. Mother of Space gets straight into you with Her eyes - through your eyes. She is regal. Here love becomes life-affirming, will-expressing, calm and powerful. She is sitting, but a man is standing unusually upright, in a military way, dressed in dark. Huge eyes. The eyes pierce you with energy. The stare commands make you obey and memorize you forever. Here you are recorded in the Book of Life.

Then - the vision of a couple again. She - all shining, lightning-like, flying. He - in spacesuit, swaddled, immovable. As far as Her active compassion increases, He is getting active (in my visions) more and more until there arises the couple's Entity which is hard to describe. It resembles vaguely by form, but somewhat close to its composition, the Monument "Worker and Farmer woman" by sculptor V. Mukhina*. The unification of the two mutually saved into The Higher Third!

And finally - all shining, sparkling with laugh children’s "faces", clinging to "portholes" of the UFO. You feel like being enriched and supported by the rejoicing Entities. Out of all mentioned before, this sphere is - the most bright and vivid, if not speaking of the final summary Glorious Entity of Mother with baby Christ inside.

In the year of 1978 I got the evidence of this Hierarchy Ladder in the North Caucasus in the cave. The description of the quality of each sephiroth in the occult sephiroth system amazingly resembled the Entity in my every vision. Everything was arranged in the same order. Then it turned out that the positions and the attributes of all the angels on the icon "Burning Bush" were the exact copy of the images of those Entities, Who came to me in my evidence. They flew into myself, being so real and with such triumph assurance, that I got deeply convinced of the fact that those Entities were of my own Higher bodies hovering over me in visions.

In the Old Testament they described the vision of "Ladder of Heaven" shown to Jacob. The description says that "angels ascend and descend on it". Unfortunately, nothing else is said about it. But what happened to me at that time in the mountains, in the cave over the river running in the valley, - was the true evidence of Jacob's Ladder. According to the visions that we had in the process of the group initiation and by the higher knowledge of the process of initiation revealed to us in the icons and the books of Master Djwhal Khul, Jacob's Ladder corresponds to the structure of Spiritual Triad, the bodies of Manas-Buddhi-Atma. It also has It's analogue on three levels of Manas - small antahkarana.

And now, after the short preliminary reminder - talk we will conduct our ascending meditation as usual.

So I come into the blessing Light of the Hierarchy Tree. The great amounts of energy of various vibration intensity - which I visualize in images coming to us on different stages of work - are flowing down. The treasures open up inside and outside us - high above. As the flow grows in abundance, the receiving centres get saturated with the Light of the Tree of Life. Now we begin the seven-level ascending meditation. Please, not only listen to It with your mind but do It.

FIRST ASCENTION. The most subtle, invisible substance of Light brings in freshness, joy of childhood. You feel relief, confidence in Mother. Everything calms down, gets quiet. The Tree takes us up in It's crown, growing into our aura with Its trunk and roots, softly touches the head. Each centre opening up in reverence towards Light, - as in our childhood we snuggle up to Mother, - ready to merge with the body of Hierarchy.

SECOND ASCENTION. The open mind - attending. Quiet, peaceful, receiving. Gradually it grows in force, expands, gets crowned with aura, and finally becomes unusually steady, strong, joyful and effective as Angel.

THIRD ASCENTION. The luminous stream of Light passes in, saturating the throat, opens it free to utter genuine words, to make natural gestures. I am speaking and doing it not on behalf of myself. The great mystery of action - is inaction. I experience it as the sense of the nimbus of intensive energy encircling the head from the neck up to the focus over it (the point of Mother and Warrior). Non-being - in the core being. Dispassion and maximum activity - expressed together. And as a result - "the head" shining in Light and the throat of Archangel. But I ask you not just to listen but repeat the action of my centres. Try to assimilate with the aura of my subtle body. Try to recognize each vibration activity.

FORTH ASCENTION. The sparkling, girl's love of vibrating luminous nature of Sense. Light! Dance! Lightness! Freedom! Gift to lavish with gifts! The Love of young Mother rushing towards you. The laugh as the vibration of intensive golden substance. Sound and Light - mixed. In my vision Mother of this level (as the pulsating gold) fit in the icon of Kazan Mother of God. I was "pressing" this laughing gold, trying to close the icon case. In a moment She broke away from under my arm and burst right into the heart.

She just rushes towards those who are longing for Her. She rejoices to see the "little ones" newly initiated, whose hearts are open towards Her. She enjoys watching how the spiritually inspired take their first steps in the Life of Hierarchy, the same as an earthly mother is happy to see the first steps of her child. But what a triumph of Mother of God rejoicing at you come in the Eternal Life! Imagine Her delight! Mother in white, Mother of Heart, we burst into Your classrooms and Your temples. We run into them with the boldness of a child sure that he is loved, welcomed and recognized as the dearest.

FIFTH ASCENTION. The space is being filled with strictness, with the power of theurgist, creator, with golden, wide, swaying waves of Light. The calm - and precise, will-expressing action of Mother of Shining and Master of Will. I come into a state of quiet, natural concentration. The piercing stare of Mother gets straight into my eyes. I feel the active calm inside. The might of Master of Will calms down. This vital force directs all the actions, dissolves all resistance and never loses its quiet. Here you see what people call as the UFO. Here you perceive the Will expression of the light-bearing stream of Life. The great sustainable energy ring is rising from your plexus - to the point of high vitality over the head.

SIXTH ASCENTION. The Glorious two within me, merged into one, unified for the Eternal Life, performing Bride Chamber. The Great couple - within me. The Great Light Bearers - both. The two - unified by love to God in one another.

SEVENTH ASCENTION. The rejoicing lark bestows Light. Eternal laughing. The joyful pulses of the semen of Spirit, the Seraph with His child's face clinging to the porthole of the rocket. He is in triumph because of being close to the Source. He ever rejoices as the Source is pouring out the joy on him, and he is passing it over to us.

So, the seven-level home of my Soul’s Light, the seven portals of my Salvation, the Burning Bush, the Hierarchy of Angels, the Tree of Life, the seven-level Sephiroth system.

The Law of Hierarchy Life is - devotion to Light, love to Light, rejoicing in Light, and abandonment of yourself. The Temple of Hierarchy is - our eternal bodies, our wings, the flowers of our futurity. This is our home - Planetary Hierarchy, and each of us is the part of It (potentially or in fact). That's why the Hierarchy Entities really laugh to see our surprise at meeting Them. They enjoy the fact of being just Higher constituents of our subtle bodies, and it makes no sense to be surprised at this.

With the inside look I observe all the "Seven". Beloved "Seven"! Luminous "Seven"! Do not leave us! Reunite with us!

We know each other. We altogether comprise one organism in order that we can safely accept the energies of Hierarchy. A separated Soul cannot identify Itself with the group organism of Light, with the group Manas. No matter how far we could advance as individuals, we are able to get through the stages of Hierarchy Life (namely as Hierarchy workers) only in case of becoming the group entity.



* Mukhina Vera Ignatievna (19.06.(1.07) 1889 - 6.10. 1953) - the Soviet sculptor-monumentalist. From year 1947 till 1953— the member of the Presidium of the Academy of Arts, USSR, together with Yofan B.M. is the author of the magnificent monument "Worker and Farmer woman". The composition was mounted on top of the Soviet pavilion at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937. Now the monument is placed next to the Northern entrance of the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements in Moscow.



  Three-level Meditation