Death as a key question inside of the ideology

 Remember the book of the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament. When Daniel during his initiative movement passed to the stage of the First Ray of Will, then the king of Belshazzar, who was the symbolic manifestation of Daniel at this level, was clothed with scarlet. In the New Testament, at the same stage, it was Jesus who was clothed with scarlet. Yes, the Soviet system is associated with the manifestation of the Atma energy, with the planets Uranus, Volcano, Pluto, with red color, with the First Ray of Will and Power. But even more so, what a huge amount of energy was in this case turned upside-down now! Can you imagine it? That's why we have such a disgusting version of the same capitalism in our country. If in the Western countries, the antichrist has won as the opposite to the Christ, then in our country the devil wins as the opposite to the Father in Heaven. Why is death ruling so badly in our country now? Because Atma is Life and anti-Atma is death. We have turned the First Ray upside-down...

Can you imagine? The high First Ray egregor had been pouring the most intense energies on us for seventy years. We experienced them, but as a result it turned out that we, - the builders of the Bright Future, - do exist, but Those Who gave us the material for this building and Those Who are the Living embodiments of this Future, They do not exist!

Even at the stage of the Second Ray, when the bourgeois system was developing, people could be cunning: "Look, Christ, you haven’t given us enough much evidence. So it’s naturally that we’ve left you for Sunday services and Church holidays, but as for the evidence of the power of money, the genetic power of prolonging life through physical bodies, we have got it." And what happened at the socialist stage, can you imagine? We received the fullness of Life and "took everything upon ourselves".

After all, the Great Friendship, the Great Love and Collegiality were given to us in order that we could come to the realization of the reality of spiritual prolongation of ourselves, and of our sons, and of our grandchildren. I'm not saying that we should not have educated our children. But, excuse me, what is any education worth, if the knowledge that everything ends with death is in the basis of everything? What could we offer to the new generation, knowing that we would die and that this "great wonder – the child" would die too, though a bit later than we? What can we say to our child? "I put my genes into you, and my magnificent blue eyes, and my mind, and even my profession. Listen, do not let me down ...»

It’s all about our earthly logic. "I love you, life," but at the same time everything ends with death. All after us will be left for people. After all, they will die too. And what for do those live who die in childhood or in their youth? Why are they worse than those who live longer? Why has nature arranged everything so meaninglessly and unfairly? People don’t like this topic; they are embarrassed and shocked by it. But it is the fundamental question of being. What am I living for, and what will happen after my death? What can the communist ideology answer to this?

The question is: "What's the difference between the communist and the bourgeois view of it?" For the moment there is none. "And what about feudalism or even a primitive animal prolongation?" No difference. Totally there is only the gross material. The only probative prolongation of life I have is the genetic one. Well, and the cultural one too, that is, I can pass a cultural value to my descendants, and nothing more. Then why did I need to experience the heights of love, friendship, freedom from money? Then why did I need to develop the height of mentality, which I cannot even pass on to my grandson? It only remains to feel sweetly sorry for myself and to be sad about the imminent death. It becomes clear why the democrats are already openly saying that they are hampered by the elder generation of the Soviet era, and they just have to wait until they all die. It is a paradox that people who have developed within themselves the richness of the Soul of the Soviet Egregor are ultimately oriented to death.

Yes, Soviet soldiers defended the life of faith and aspiration to a better future. Their physical bodies died. However, maybe a part of them came to our country again already. What kind of life will they now defend?

Listen to Soviet songs in a new way. I do not want to say that they are bad, they are magnificent, they give us a powerful, a First Ray, a Uranic saturation and, of course, they should always be listened to - but ponder on the words of a song. Take any text: there is an ascending sound, and then sadness, sorrow and despair. Or simply an aspiring pathos of the conquerors of the universe.

You listen: "Lenin is always alive, Lenin is always with you". The image is beautiful. Ask the singer: "Look, is he alive or not alive? The text says he is alive." But he will tell you that Lenin is only alive in the people's memory, but as a conscious being he died a long time ago. That's why it turns out that Lenin, on the one hand, is alive, that is, people, speaking so, have a presentiment that he is alive, but in some invisible spheres; and on the other hand, they do not mean the continuation of life after death, that is, Lenin cannot be alive. That is why this nonsense confuses and creeps out. Can you imagine? Lying and be dual with the energies of the First Ray of Will? To lie at the level of Life? I can lie at the level of knowledge, at the level of faith, but to lie when you are given the experience of Life?!

Our task in recent years was to strain the Soviet element, to inform it, to enable those who still choose to choose the Soviet, not necessarily joining the party, but through the adoption of this cliche. It is necessary to continue the development of Soviet ideology, in order that the Communists, by setting the goal of a harmoniously and spiritually developed person, accept the Spiritual as a true Reality. Then the whole process will develop normally.

Then it will be possible to return the Soviet Union in its completely new quality. To show to the world that the sacrifices made by our country, beginning an unprecedented experiment, were not in vain. The Communist system has brought up a fundamentally new type of people. People who are aware of the laws of cosmic evolution through which humanity develops; who respond to intense energies emanating from the Higher Sources; people who receive evidences that Spirituality is real, that it turns out that the Teaching of the Masters of the Hierarchy and Shamballa continues the communist idea. Then there will be no need in mass participation in research. Esoteric groups have never been mass in any religion. But it is absolutely necessary to proclaim the Hierarchical principles in the ideology that will govern society.

All this was known to the KGB, was known to the Central Committee, all my lectures about it were written down, there were books, the direction was known. Why did they not want to accept the results of the group's work? This would have added more meaning to the Communist movement. Giant prospects in the development of the state would have opened up. The Soviet Union could have become an example for the whole world, indicating a bright road for passing of Mankind into higher Evolutions.

You know, the party bosses either received this knowledge with lordly leniency, or simply became wild of knowing that there is Something or Someone above them. They could not accept that this Something could belittle their greatness as the conductors of a higher idea. After all, it were they who had usurped the right to lead people into the future. Even though they could not answer the main question of those they leaded: what is waiting for a person beyond the threshold of death? Hearing that it is not only faith and not just knowledge but that it is experimentally proven, they were indignant. They accepted any healers, wizards, war mages, but not this. Any dark matter was accepted, but not this.

Taking from the Atma levels, from Manu, from the Master Morya, picking up enormous energies of the Hierarchy for inspiration, for their height, the party bosses took all of them "for themselves", for their power-hungry political ambitions, to obtain prosperity for their wifeys, their children, grandchildren and relatives. They did not need competitors from Higher Spheres!

The height of an Idea is the potency of its energy. It cannot just come to you! It comes according to the cyclic Cosmic Laws. Nevertheless, if it did come, with it the responsibility came for how she would be received and used.

So, on the one hand, people got the first ray energies from the Master Morya, and then concluded that they were personally great, that they were the ones who were building the Better Future. Whereas Those who gave energy for this building and Those who Themselves were the embodiments of this Future - they simply do not exist. "Well, I have my wifey, I have my kid. It's a sacred thing. At the very best, nationalism is good, because it is also the selfishness of my own organism." At worst, even an Orthodox religion can be accepted. That's all. Hence such a somersault back of the country.

Being conductors of the First Ray of Life, taking energies from It, how could they not accept It as the Fundamental Reality? It was a great mistake. Remember the icons of the Last Judgment. There, the kings of the earth lie on the very bottom of hell. They had taken energies from the highest planes and dealt with them in their own interests. According to the law of symmetry, the higher someone climbs up, the lower he falls down (if the laws of this height are disregarded).

We used to serve Communism: "Forward, for the Higher Ideals, to a better future of Mankind." But you see, our slogan remained a dead letter for us. We made our goal an empty concept, having all the energies from the "egregor" of that goal. That's what our trouble was. So do not serve the Idea. Serve the Being.

The strength of the Soviet people consisted in having an experience that bore witness to the reality of the Spiritual, and in having Lenin (whatever he was as a man) who was for the people an image of the Great Leader, the specific holder of the quality of the Idea to which people were aiming. And as you know, the Soul of the people developed at a tremendous rate. You give a concrete expression to a Being that is naturally above you. Because if you do not give a concrete expression to a Supreme Being above yourself, you still do not remain abstractly free but submit to another "being" that automatically conditions the three lower worlds at this stage, that will manifest as your own self, as the social law, as the law of genetic survival. And you died as a Soul.124


  Death as a key question inside of the ideology