Foreword to Part I

The idea of creating this brochure was inspired by a whole series of reasons. First of all, it was essential to emphasize the understanding of existence of the three main ideologies in the world which are the manifestations of three Divine aspects, and the ideology of Communism (on par with Democracy and Monarchy) is an indispensable expression of cosmic energies in the human kingdom. Frivolous thinkers are prone to consider all ideologies inconsistent except the one they profess - without knowing the fact that various aspects of cosmic energies coming on Earth (called Rays) manifest themselves via the diversity of forms of government. Ideologies are the Divine ideas which in human thinking take a form corresponding to the developmental level of perceiving consciousness.

Communism (which is under the influence of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence) is the ideology worked out by humanity itself which expresses the striving of humanity for raising to a new level of evolutionary development which is known as the next kingdom of nature – the Hierarchy of Angels or Souls.

Democracy (which is under the influence of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom) expresses the idea of Hierarchical government, and it can be fully expressed only after externalization of the Hierarchy of Light on Earth.

Monarchy (which is under the influence of the First Ray of Will or Power) is the idea of Shamballic government, and the true spiritual Monarchy is attainable only after the externalization of the Hierarchy.

Implementation of the two latter forms of government without distortion is possible only after humanity - with the help of its own ideology of renewed spiritual communism - admits the governing role of the Hierarchy of Light and Shamballa, works out the invocation to these great Spiritual Centers and prepares conditions for externalization of the Hierarchy on Earth.

We hope that the brochure will awake a lively interest to the books by the Tibetan of those who aren’t acquainted with them and will give additional food for thought on this topic to those who have already read these books.

From the compiler

  Foreword to Part I