Glow of the Russian Spirit

 A Russian man with his desire to meet ideals is especially "shepherded" by the Christ. A Russian man is the most yearning one... Even the most ordinary people demonstrate a special understanding as soon as you speak about longing for the Soul. I have seen it both in the Urals, in Siberia, and in the North. His house is not yet built but he is worried about the Soul. This quality of being watchful to phrases such as "Versilov6* is of no origin", this kind of watchfulness to a word about the Soul - is very important.

I’d like to remind you that a Russian person addresses another as "my Soul" [Dusha moya], "dushen’ka". Studying the Russian character you feel that throughout the ages a Russian has been looking for the Christ everywhere and in everything: in that how to build his hut, in his wife, in his child, in a fairy tale wherein they go beyond the three seas to look for happiness and where the bogatyrs (heroes in Russian folklore) and Ivans-the-fools look for their Soul-Brides. In Siberia to the question: "Is he a good man?" – they answer: "His soul is in its place." Ask him to explain what it means - he cannot explain. But he knows for sure: he is not just a good man, but "His soul is in its place". 98

This freedom and joy of God’s Being in a Russian man is not already the Soul - it is Buddhi - the principle of Freedom in the House of God. But the opposite point of this freedom (in a Russian man) is an utter lawlessness and wild outburst, the right to murder. This is what we see now in our country. These two points. Two freedoms. Within the Spirit - it is the Freedom of God’s Being, and beneath - it is the freedom to kill or the freedom of the "strongest".

This Russian revelry or a freedom from all manifestations of God is often apotheosized with us considering it a breadth of national character. In fact, the Russian Spirit is not like that. It is a freedom in God, it is an androgyny7*, it is the higher couple, it is a self-sufficiency in the Spirit, it is an assertion of the higher Being. It is stronger than the Jewish principle which appeared to be included in It. Note that there is no such quality in the Old Testament. There is a freedom to manipulate the physical plane there. There’s no freedom of God's being anywhere there. May be in a Russian person this is his highest principle?99

Indeed, we have a very special time now. An era has come when women who are conductors of the highest missions are incarnated. From the level of the Solar System, through Shamballa, down the hierarchical steps the greatest Monads come for incarnation and Russia expressing the Seventh Ray (as the Soul) bears this sign of time.

Let us remember Kievan Russia with its amazing noble and high relations in couples. With its swan-like bows to each other, with its attitude towards a woman as something majestic and bright. Even if we have greatly poeticized the past Russia's special attitude towards the Soul is obvious.

The Earth planet is the seventh chakra (kundalini) of the Solar Logos, the point of magic and manifestation of the Seventh Ray. The soul ray of Russia is also the Seventh. This means that the Earth manifests its Soul through Russia. The Mother of God’s principle therefore exists in the Russian character as its original quality. It is compassion, mercy and delight before any alien victory, before any foreign talented manifestation. This is the quality of encouraging everything that is creative, everything that is talented, and everything that is the Higher. Russia is encouraging; she is the Mother of Inspiration. It is connected with Aquarius, the Zodiac sign governing Russia. Aquarius is controlled by Uranus, the planet of inspiration, the planet of the Seventh Ray. Uranus - Urania the inspiring.100

Let’s see how a Russian person develops: he needs to survive physically but at the same time not to become "businesslike". What to do about that? It is only possible through the Seventh Ray. The Master Rakoczi as the Lord of Civilization and the Chohan on the Seventh Ray holds the Russian nation along the midline (between spirit and matter). In our country we started doing it through the glorification of labor for the common good and a freedom from private property.

 A Russian person has a state when he senses everything. Even if he is a robber he won’t “slaughter” you. And if you approach him with the Soul he will open up. That is the whole secret. And that is why we are incarnated here. It does not mean that he is generally good. No, he can be terrible and, as a material of Aquarius, the most "blind" and densest...101

So the power serves the Glory - and only then the Lord, "Our Father", is manifested! We pray therefore: "For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the Glory! The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now, and ever, and forevermore - Amen!" But the higher is the Higher – the denser is the lower if the stage "For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the Glory” hasn’t yet been passed! The higher the Glory is the “denser” is the power, and the more immutably this power must serve the Glory. 102

The mother of God loves the Russian man because the quality of no-memory about himself is inherent in him. I used to think that it is a quality of the infantile level of development (an infant does not remember himself), but you know that Russia’s energy appeared to be higher than that of all the other countries! (It’s the vital subplane of vitality, on average.)103

Russia threw off the yoke of capitalism and came into an experiment of creating a new man oriented to the values of brotherhood, collectivism and high love. The Western world (on the contrary) was developing a technocratic civilization of consumers which, in the end, led to the appearance of Hitler. Only the new people of the Soviet system were able to crush that next "Titanic" - fascism - with its idea of a master race to which the entire world must submit. Then a so-called sexual revolution took place in the West the essence of which consisted in replacing love by an emphasis on physical relationships. Having seeped into our country this new misfortune came into manifestation mainly through the generation of people born in the 1950s.

We call our fathers atheists. And the generation of those born in the 1950s unequivocally turned to religion, to the "occult literature", to visiting the church ... But our fathers were looking for a spiritual sound in man himself, especially in a close one, relations with whom evidenced the reality of God to them. My mother often exclaimed addressing my father: "Where is your Soul, Jacob? You are a communist!" That was the intention in love; that was the training of the Soul in couple relations.

How spiritless and atheistic the newfangled Christians with their little crosses are in comparison with them! How well-groomed and comfortable they look against the background of our fathers and mothers ...104

So, our country with its lofty ideals, our Soviet education which we have always considered higher than any other (and I believe it is true) is the next stage in the development of the society. It is not higher (i.e. it is not better) but older, more mature.105

The highest phenomenon now is the Soviet egregor. I'm talking about the speed of its energy vibration...106

It is our task, our front. The Soviet is universal, it is Uranus, and it is the conjunction of Leo and Aquarius. If the God-bearing is enrooted in Russia, then the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit, the Mysteries of the Dove will be implemented on the Earth.

It is a great beauty of the soul, when we do not want to be rich in money, if we cannot be conceited, cannot be proprietors, cannot be prostitutes, cannot be those who buy prostitutes - we cannot! The Soviet government deprived us of all these "blessings", thank God! Deprived and shielded by a stone wall.

You know, the Masters of Shamballa cherish Russia. And They have cherished it for a long time, that’s why They have not written much about it in the esoteric literature. In fact, They love and prepare it. They love our eternal "childhood", and our opportunity to break through, and our "foolishness", and above all our longing for and our long loneliness without the Spirit. Aquarius simply cannot be without the Spirit! We are probably being pulled back now, like an elastic band, so that then to be let off SO hard...

As for America, it has got stuck firmly in the "male" Saturn. Any of their more or less high beginning (bourgeois aestheticism, culture, and all sorts of poetic "love") necessarily ends with despair, money and death. In this way Satan, the "male" Saturn, "eats up his children", i.e. all his inspirations. The sound of Universality is not open to them, the "female" Saturn is not open to them. For them He is the Grim Reaper. However, the Masters have already given Shamballic amounts of energy! That's why they’re being so much swollen…

The whole West is dead. And what sort of films they have? They twitch in sacral-kundalini convulsions, frightening each other with murder or doing it. It seems to me that presently compassion for deceased West will appear in Russia. That will be the Compassion! Then the flame of the Soul of Russian people will take a new form of help, not that of machinery and rubles, but that of something due to which these males-"Satans" (and the West is a male, Satan), after having experienced these evangelical "three days" of absolute carrion - whereto they had been brought by their keeping the priority of the form - will stand up and hear the call of Mother Russia! It will necessarily happen! This means that the Russian mission is now compassionately active. I'm not talking about any military operations. On the astral plane, there is now a program of Compassion. Russia will be compassionately active. Not for the Africans, not for the famine but for the dead West which has lost not the body but the soul, it has lost the sense, it has died…

Do you understand now how the Mother of God is leading us? She is leading us not counter to the Soviet power, as the orthodox try to present it: "Against the Soviet power, oh the Mother of God, save us!" No! She is for the Glow of the Russian Spirit!107


6* Versilov - the central character of F. M. Dostoevsky novel "The Raw Youth" ("The Adolescent") (1875).

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7* Androgyny (Greek ανδρεία, male and γυνής, female). A balanced state of two pairs of opposites, the male and the female principles within a person. The full interpretation of all esoteric terms is given on the web site ““ and in the brochure "Esoteric Dictionary".

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  Glow of the Russian Spirit