Kundalini is the Covenant. Even some small episode must be finished and finally fixed. Otherwise, staying in the middle you go out of reality. Life consists of plots and each one has its first and seventh stage of final magic! Otherwise, death! And the Soviet is dying because it did not recognize its own goal as a reality, the spirituality of a human. Capitalism is more of kundalini in this case. It recognizes God (in heaven), and Mammon (as God on Earth). In money it fulfills the law of competition and of the power of money in kundalini manner but in God it trusts in half-n-half manner ... It trusts and steals. It steals from God and carries to the money and mammon. The half-n-half is always weaker than the ultimate.

Faith not only covers the dirty law of profit ("business") but also steals energy from God for mammon. An ideal scheme! Boss-terrorist covered behind a "child" – behind religion, democracy, freedom ... The bourgeois recognize a partial God having stated money as ultimate God, while the Soviet struck down the money but did not recognize the reality of the Spirit ... The strike at the power of money suggested the goal you are moving to – which is God (the Soul, the Spirit) - being real as the fact in cosmic nature. Everything was done by the Masters: experience of inspiration learned by the masses, and choosing their best representatives, and working with them, and giving a theory of the Universal Teaching, and preparing groups. Well now, you have won so accept from us the new Teaching about a human! No, they did not accept it but chose the material-bourgeois root. That is why the Communists are now embarrassed at their foundation. No matter how firmly they stand on the justice program, they are embarrassed. They are partial...115

The biggest sorrow of our country now is not that we "have nothing to eat", but that the concept of "spirituality" appeared to be just a word. Because the ideal of "high love in couples" was difficult to implement. "Service to the world" also did not give the desired results. Not because we did not do enough, no! But because we’ve forgotten about the subtle-material substantiations of those ideas and words that we proclaimed! Because we are materialists. Faith is beautiful but it is not enough. Certainly, I will not come anywhere without an initial impulse of faith but having an intellect I cannot just confine myself to belief. Do you agree? Soviet education brought us to this.

 Just to be clear I’ll specify my vision: what is now happening in Russia is insanity! From somewhere there appeared Russian fascists, the "Memory" society which equips itself with Orthodoxy. Bhakti-Yoga which came from the East makes our man “sag" incredibly in terms of energy. We work using the recognition of the vibration intensity so I can easily determine what is happening. The ancient systems that have flooded us lately (for example, karate is an Atlantic practice) are very dangerous. You cannot imagine what happens to the one who started studying martial arts! How many grades the speed of vibration of his fields becomes slower and more tamasic! I am saying this not figuratively. Evolutionarily he falls down through a whole race!116

For example, what is our main mistake - not even a mistake but a pattern - considering which we need to talk about the true aims of the Soviet system right now, and not earlier? I have already spoken about it many times. We abolished private property; we called creativity, friendship and love the highest ones but we did not give reality to what it is all for - to the Spirit. You see, we named all the means for the development of the spiritual principle correctly but we did not mention the goal. It turned out like this: the soul and moral approach to life "acts out" to the utmost but the sacral-kundalini zone does not yet have an adequate goal. So, the goal appears to be: survival, materialism and the greatness of the nation in general. Excuse me, but pride of the nation is essentially nationalism. And we see the same picture. The breadth of the soul is demonstrated whereas kundalini behind the back exposes the immutable demand of death.

What is capitalism from the point of view of a Russian fairy tale? It is when a brave hero loses his high goal and starts to seek after hares, horses and other "interesting" form aspects under the supervision of Baba Yaga.

Now there is a need to try to put everything in its place. Both within ourselves and within people. The Soviet as an ideal used to live even earlier but at the levels of the Soul. Now it is time to give to the spiritual aspect of our egregor the principle of realization. And it seems to me that the Supreme Essence of this aspect has already entered our space.117

These poor politicians are simply torn with contradictions: in their heads they have communism, marasmus of vanity in their hearts and the need to survive economically in their kundalini... And all this remains in the continuous hysteria of double standards. You see, if someone of the Soviet people begins to manage things so that the spiritual quality takes the form of being then the organism of the country will start the correct energetic surviving.

It would be ridiculous if I go now to the TV-program "Good evening, Moscow" and tell there about all this. Though, they did call me and invited me. Can you imagine me telling this to Moscow? Well, I am sure that everybody will like it and everything will be fine, but what will start afterwards? I am sure to be suspected of Masonry or of Russian nationalism. The Jews will say that I am from the "Memory" Society, and the Russian chauvinists will arrogate to me participation in a Zionist conspiracy. People in a strange way and at all costs defend their mortal "common" kundalini. Not because they are evil. They do not like the infringement upon the power of death and despair. So, you know, everybody energetically likes this drag which we’re having now. It cannot be explained in any other way. What is so difficult about the case? Well, the guys would gather and decide how the state should be optimally arranged. But no, duality of the antichrist attracts them because it is such a "kind" field which allows everything that concerns the ultimate kundalini basis. Some kind of warm and strange energy mash is being made wherein everybody is pleased to "puddle", and which everybody has got used to. The alignment as orientation to the highest ideal is nowhere to be found, so until the reality of spiritual bodies and ethers is recognized in our country, nothing will work out. And nothing good will happen in the world. Nevertheless, I will tell you that our country will be the first to accept this fact, and as for what will be abroad nothing is known. Generally speaking, the West fell much lower than we did. They feel so comfortable in their half-measures that it is impossible there "to get them moving". We now at least have some extreme situation connected with the reorganization of the political system which "gets people moving". As for them, all their extremeness is left only at the level of earning money.118

We must prove that the Soviet egregor lacked a clearly defined aim. The aim is the real subtle-material spirituality which implies serious work on the development of the immortal Soul. However, it should be taken into consideration that this was not possible at the first stages of the formation of the Soviet system, since the egregor itself had to become stronger and to reach a certain social level. As before and so now this aim isn’t set in our country, the society is not ready and cannot accept it yet, although all who live here grew up of Soviet conditions. Nevertheless, the true aim of the Soviet egregor must be known not only in Russia but throughout the world. Its reality must be proved, and it is provable.

The aim is the Soviet Ashram equipped with the Universal Teaching. The goal of a developed person in our country is to become an initiate of the Universal Soviet egregor, to become a conductor of Its First Ray Influence.

The task is simple; it is the correct formulation of the aim. Abstract communism as the aim has exhausted itself. Material well-being cannot be a priority direction either.

The Soviet egregor is actually oriented towards realization, proving, exploration and construction of spirituality. And Russia for the first time in the world will set the goal of the appearance of a spiritually developed person who will explore and develop the subtle body of the Spirit. In this case, material and other social conditions will be the means for such a developing.

But the fact that now our society has no specific aim at all is the most absurd. You either put spirituality on the first place or have the dollar as your aim. There is no other choice. But if we make the dollar the cornerstone then we are not Soviet people. And if we proclaim spiritual development as our aim, then it must be real! If it is not real for people, then they automatically become dependent on the dollar.

I do prove to our "colleagues" from the KGB that they are Soviet and I am Soviet but they are Soviet idealists, whereas I am a Soviet "materialist", because I perceive the spiritual Soviet experience materially. And that's it! After that they immediately become our enemies! Well, why are they behaving this way? Doing so they just prove that they are essentially anti-Soviet. At their root they are "dollar". A truly Soviet man, if consistently developing towards a high goal, will necessarily perceive what we are talking about. Certainly, at first a man has a goal, he believes in it and then he begins to really and naturally feel it!

The bourgeois first have the dollar, then "spirituality as a rest", and then they struggle for power, and at the end - death. Communists have atheism leading to nobody knows where, and a scientific progress "flying into space". Most likely these and those will come to agreement...

Yes, it is necessary to raise the level of understanding of the Soviet system in the world consciousness. To prove that this system is potentially oriented to the Spirit. It is only possible to prove it through a subtle-material approach. Concretely.

My lectures apparently were incredibly simple: ethers, subtle fields, centres, chakras, two directions of energies (the vertical and the horizontal), a coagulative and a ring aura that has a great vibrational activity - and it can be shown. It turns out that all religious systems have the same codes, and we have deciphered them in many respects. The overall system is perfectly built, everything is reconciled through experience! Well, if someone were ever touched by the beauty of this logic! If only by its sequence! Not!

After all, so many audiences were about to turn to accepting the subtle materiality of the Spirit! This could have been done already everywhere! It was a wonderful time when a correct, positive, spiritual turn was possible, and they were deciding where to turn - and they did decide...119