Russia is the home of a germinating Revelation

 The Soviet egregor appeared as a result of further evolution on our Earth, when the energies of the Second Ray (the Son) had been replaced by the first ray energies of the Will Aspect (the Father). There came the need to work with the densest zones. Therefore the egregor of our state and its way of life are conditioned by the energies of the First Ray. Hence, the voluntarism and other negative manifestations of the will as an expression of the coagulation of these energies. However, there are also the Higher manifestations of the first-ray character!108

We are incarnated in Russia with its culture, with its highest Messengers (as Daniel Andreev called them): Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Seraphim of Sarov, Sergius of Radonezh. It is fair to say that in previous centuries our people developed the heart and the vitality. There were attempts to pass from the Second Ray to the First Ray. But when the necessity for a gentry’s and intellectuals’ idea of justice to come to life arose – the revolution took place. Why did it happen? In order that the idea of justice could become a being! Not a belief, not a beautiful ideal but that it could be realized in life itself. So that it could be manifested in a couple relations (the sexual plane) and on kundalini plane (the principle of being): which is the state, the power of people, the power of the Soviets. Do you see? Now I’m esoterically drawing for you a picture of descending to dense planes of the energies which initiate the whole country and its people! So, the Soviet society has emerged as an organism for the First Ray manifestation.

Now, from an esoteric point of view, look at all our symbols! Probably you already know what the hammer and the sickle are. What is the meaning of a cross? The horizontal line is the feminine principle (or kteis); the vertical line is the male principle (or phallus). Together it is the complete nature of the Divine Androgyne. If it is not fulfilled, the cross turns over and becomes an unreversed quaternary, or an oblique cross. And now look at how it reminds our sickle and hammer! Usually a similar sign (the crossbones) is painted on high voltage electric booths. It is death. The crossed Sickle and Hammer are also death. But you know that in our symbol there is a burning Star above them! The five-pointed Star is a symbol of the mental plane, the Manas, or the Soul (hence, our budenovka peaked hats with the stars, by the way). This is the highest development of man who stands with his arms and legs stretched out as the winner of his lower mortal nature! The Christ, proving with Himself the reality of the Soul. So, the symbol of our country is the sign of victory of the Star over the symbol of death - the sickle and the hammer! Do you understand this or not? What an amazing symbolism we have!

If you were a Master of Shamballa and planned, for example, to introduce the advanced ideology of Aquarian Age into humanity you would naturally find a first-ray country and its people (Russia as an Aquarius is governed by Uranus, the planet of the First and the Seventh Rays) – and, having given at once esoteric symbols to them, would little by little introduce the ideas of brotherhood, justice and equality – that is what the Soviet education gives to us.

I want you to feel that we, who are living in this era, are precious indeed for the evolution! Not in an egoistic, selfish, pro-Russian or pro-Soviet version, but from a cosmic point of view, do you understand it? But something horrible is going on around us. All the phenomena have lost their significance. Not a selfish importance but the evolutionary meaning in general. At the same time, we are Soviet. We are the first-ray people. Energies in our structure have reached the sacral and kundalini zones, so therefore we cannot return to the obsolete orthodox forms! Since our youth we have been dreaming of a selfless Love, of a great Service. By the way, in the orthodox Christian tradition there are only some rudiments of it! There is a greater emphasis on leaving for monasticism there. Yes, it is a wonderful practice of the Piscean age to protect oneself from the world, to break out of the society and to survive in the Christ. Now the Age of Aquarius is coming and our stage is a social-cosmic one connected with the First Ray!

So, the Soviet system is a first-ray egregor. I do not know how long it is to evolve, but you must remember that the period of development of each religion corresponds to the Solar System movement through one sign of the zodiac. Do you know that the Solar System is moving along the zodiac for 2025 years? When It was moving through the sign of Taurus it was the flourishing of the Egyptian religion. Then the Jews leave Egypt, and Judaism develops for 2000 years. Then Jesus Christ is born (just at the moment of the Solar System transition from the zodiac of Aries to the zodiac of Pisces) - and we have 2000 years of Christianity. And approximately in 1906 there began the transition of the Solar System into the sign of Aquarius which governs Russia. Immediately explosive events began in our country. We entered the Soviet period which will be developing for 2000 years. So how much time is there left for us? 2025 minus 70?.. But some people without knowing about the occult significance of our egregor are still shouting: "70 years have passed already!" Well then, we haven’t yet “lost anything” and all this period we’ve been developing normally.

Why did the revolution take place precisely in Russia – in the country of Aquarius which embodies the principle of mass consciousness? After all, revolution is a high phenomenon that of selfless devotion. And Karl Marx said that in the transition period from capitalism to socialism it is necessary to have a developed bourgeois society that educates the consciousness of the individual. However, as we know, the personality of Russia is governed by Leo who embodies the apotheosis of personality development. Thus, those developed individuals had prepared ideas in Russia which could overwhelm the masses. Moreover, the mass and the group consciousness are very much alike. And the soul principle itself bears a quality of group consciousness. Therefore the Aquarius Soul of Russia through the power of the Soviets raises the mass consciousness into the group consciousness of the soul. The masses, being the lower part of a great Ring, grasp the higher idea as a principle of Being more easily than the individual although the mass itself is evolutionarily lower.

And here happens an amazing thing! The idea embodied by the Masters enters not only into the mind of the intellectual but according to the symmetry of the Ring it falls immediately into kundalini of the masses, where they hear it well, because, as I said, its height along the Ring is symmetrical to its material. But for some reason the beauty of a Russian person often ends in a strange, sometimes nationalistic, tough challenge to common sense ... You know, that is called "the village is drinking" ... It is drinking because for people there is no God as a reality! The being is determined by the state of kundalini centre. Therefore the process of ascending of kundalini energy is substitution of the lower reality for the higher one. There is no any mindset here; there is only an experience of the being. The latter is either fixed in dense and temporal forms or has its root in a spiritual subtle state or a body which is more real.

I hope very much that our Motherland, Soviet Russia, will nevertheless justify its symbolism.109

  Russia is the home of a germinating Revelation