That's what it has come to!

Conversation with Theodor Vulfovich10* (Ted)



At the end of the twentieth century, the whole world will worship Satan.

The main centre of attraction is the country Tartary (the ancient name of Russia).

Ragno Nero, an astrologer and a predictor, XIV century


Dina11*: Don’t you think, Theodore, that as soon as society becomes bourgeois its positive reference point instantly disappears: both truth and conscience, and higher justice, and God?

Ted: No, it is not so. The reference point remains the same. Both truth, and conscience, and higher justice, and God!

Dina: But don’t you see that people in the capitalist countries are dying with soul and body and that people are disoriented? In the West people's life has turned into physical survival; the Soul of nations is dying!

Ted: Calm down, Dina! It's better to pay attention to the fact that people do not support the communists there!

Dina: Under capitalism, only he who has money wins. Aggressive advertising, the bought votes and fraud – those are the elections.

Ted: What you're talking about is a natural thing for any elections ... It is everywhere. Some have succeeded, others have not succeeded...

Dina: How strange it is! As soon as it comes to the two-hornesness of the Antichrist, he is exposed as the only and the inevitable law of Being! Whatever situation you take, it turns out that there are no higher reference points at all, and the game with elections, for example, is accepted with a knowing smile, as a norm...

Ted: I have to tell you, Dina, that we have elections for seventy years without representing at least two candidates! Here's one for you and choose him. People have been disabled! Nobody believes in what he chooses. We do not even know the difference between voting and elections. If Gorbachev's current turn to real democracy is not stopped, then we will have to get used to a normal political life for a long time...

Lyudmila: To a normal life – what kind of normal? To the fact that they choose only those who are rich in money? That the principle of deceit through money is accepted? That the principle of absolute power of mammon is unconditionally accepted by all? That it is not only accepted but explicitly specified as evil but at the same time this evil turns out to be the Law of Life? In the West they don’t even deign to deceiving since they believe that evil is omnipotent, and it doesn’t have to hide from anybody. THAT'S WHAT IT HAS COME TO!

Ted: The phrase "that's what it has come to" is a dishonest phrase! All the money is now in the same hands – those of the communists. They make me vote for them for 70 years even if I do not want it. They force me ...

Dina: Well, it's clear: for you the capitalist evil is less than the communist one.

Ted: It's the same!

Dina: Oh, the same?! Yes! Nevertheless, you do not accept the Soviet evil whereas the bourgeois evil more or less suits you.

Ted: No, I can’t stand the Soviet evil ...

Lyudmila: But that one – you can stand?!

Ted: I think and hope that it will gradually come to its end, because everything spoiled can be slowly fixed with time. I am impressed by the freedom that exists in the West and appears now in our country, although, perhaps, in a very small degree. And I want it to increase from 5 percent to 7 percent, from 7 to 9, and so on. I believe in such evolution. As for an instant happiness and the grown wings, I do not believe in them.

Lyudmila: Freedom and truth are relative concepts. You cannot just be free. You seek to be free from either good or evil. These are the involutionary and the evolutionary processes. Do you think there is more good in the capitalist system?

Ted: There is at least more freedom of speech there.

Dina: Yes, this system is "honest"! It says: money reigns, and there where the money is, there is the truth. We are very honest and open, you know everything about us. Everyone knows, for example, who of their millionaires and how much has stolen and in what way. But they give a "concrete" definition to it, for instance, that private property is sacred (notice this bombastic word) and inviolable. As for the fact that they already have hundreds of thousands of HIV-infected people, millions of drug addicts, armies of bandits, wars, refugees; that millions of people in poor countries die every year of starvation, etc. etc. – all this also conforms to the law of the Antichrist which states "the strongest survives" which means he who will sell his Soul to him for a higher price. Of course, this process is not called by its name. As a "creative intellectual" has recently said on the radio "Svoboda (Freedom)": "Why, I like millionaires, they are practical and enterprising people". To the slow-witted and disagreeing they explain that there is no capital in the world without a criminal past (more or less distant). All the formal luster of America and Europe is the centuries-old plundering of their colonies. But robbery for them is a law of life. It is impossible "to acquire capital and to keep innocence". That’s all power of the antichrist and they propose us now to love it. Is mammon and the material principle on Earth that new truth which appearance you greet? Just like in a Dostoevsky’s book! When the Christ came to the great inquisitor, he said to him, "Well, go away from here, otherwise we'll crucify you for a second time. We tell everybody the truth: that You were and are somewhere in heaven, but here You cannot be ... we rule, and You have nothing to do here."

Ted: But the communists ...

Lyudmila: And now, my dear Ted, let's see what the communists whom you "cannot stand" do. They propose a high idea as an ideology in its pure form. This idea is a reference point, and many are selflessly devoted to it implementing it really and are born as new spiritual persons under it. But there are some who lie and imitate it. Thus, if here the idea reigns being now implemented in something, but at some percent distorted or not brought to implementation, in the capitalist countries there is no Higher Idea at all. Yes, there is no deception there too; there is an "honest" lower law of life "honestly" stated by those who sell their souls ... As the Christ accepts love to Him only by mercy, so the antichrist has to force to surrender to him by mercy. And what we’re having now with all this perestroika is a clear turn to the "inevitability" of the law of mammon, death and victory of materialism.

Ted: In my opinion, the mistake and our disagreement is that the communist idea itself was presented falsely from the very beginning.

Lyudmila: Read the books by the Master Djwhal Khul (given through A. Bailey). After all, He is the Master of Shamballa close to the Master Koot Hoomi who will soon replace the Christ. Djwhal Khul says that the communist idea does not contradict the spirit of the Christ. He says that the Christ will not come to Earth while the power of money reigns on Earth. The power of matter and the power of money are the same. And now the power of money is being legalized as the only power in all countries, even in ours. People say: that’s life!

Ted: And yet I see everywhere socialism as the foremother of what is happening now. Moreover, from whatever side I approach ... Well ... Then why are there so many scoundrels in this cohort of Bolsheviks? Though there are as many as in that one ...

Dina: Wow! In all countries the long existing capitalism has turned them into cemetery-like zones, but you, Theodore, say that the only country in the world that has rushed into the New life is the foremother of evil?! Foreign capitalists spend billions so that the matter would reign here too!

Lyudmila: As for many of scoundrels in the C.P.S.U., I've already told you a thousand times that a stronger Light (and the Soviet represents a stronger Light than the bourgeois) breeds a deeper shadow. And the next stage, more progressive in terms of evolution, will naturally give birth to bigger beasts, but it is still more promising in itself as it is the next. And it does not mean that we have to reduce the Light to make the shadow fainter. And that is what is happening now! I'm afraid if this turn-back is implemented then the evil of the Soviet will unite with the previous evil of the democratic, and we will get into a double evil. The evil of the synthesized antichrist. We now need to add to the Light of the Soviet that of the Democratic and move to the Universal - to the invocation for the Hierarchy for Its externalization on Earth.

Ted: Yes, it's a good new thought, I can sense it.

Lyudmila: But, heaven forbid, people would reject this "thought". Then they’ll have “only death is immortal" plus, at best, the egoism of the nation. But mammon is above all!

Ted: I always agree with you in anything that concerns the communist idea itself, and I would be a fool if I contradicted but since this idea was substituted at the very beginning ...

Lyudmila: It was not substituted. Just its Higher Source was not immediately legalized – the reality of the Spirit. If it were cleared to the end then (in 1917) it would be difficult for the people to accept it, and the first task consisted in elevating the densest layer of humanity, the proletariat.

Ted: But the democratic idea in its core does not focus on the worship of mammon either. Maybe it does so in practice but this idea does not praise the mammon.

Lyudmila: The point is that the democratic idea appeared earlier than the communist one. It corresponds to the Second Ray of energy (to the Son), whereas the Soviet corresponds to the First Ray of energy (to the Father). (That is why I was talking about the stronger Light of the Soviet). The democratic idea recognizes different cultural heights and probably implements them but it does not touch the fundamental reign of matter. Because the Son solves only half of the problem. When the Soviet came the rule of matter was dealt a blow and so was the private property, and the development of society went on, to the next stage, to that of spiritualization of the sacral and kundalini. The work has become more complicated. It is no more blessed by the Son (Faith) but by the Father (Life). The democratic idea is simpler in implementation and therefore more two-horned, dual in nature ... Even pseudo-communists climbing into power for their vanity are forced not to touch the Idea. They adapt to it anyway as they will be (and are) unmasked by the real communists. As for the West, it poses lies and two-hornesness itself as the law of life.

Now pseudo-democrats from the radio “Svoboda” ascribe to Lenin the role of antichrist, call Soviet power a power without God although we know that the ideas of communism are inherently divine. They urge to return to the bosom of the church, although all the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light greet the Universal but not the orthodox organisms and approaches to the Truth.

The worst thing I discovered these days is that our country has now given birth to the inner antichrist. All those Komsomol leaders and cooperatives from young to old who have worshiped Mammon are the cells of the antichrist’s body which embody the laws of his being... They do not even bother to hide themselves behind lies because they need to honestly accustom people to the power of the devil so that they’d love that power. This is what it has come to! And I repeat this phrase once again: "This… is… what… it… has… come… to!"

Ted: Yes, now I do hear this phrase.

Lyudmila: And it's very scary! All sorts of things can follow it: the destruction of humankind, the second Atlantis, ending of help of the Hierarchy of Light to people for millions of years. And it makes no sense to wait for gradual steps to some goodness. Because such a mad spectacle of the antichrist who knows for sure that he is "kind", that he will gradually improve everything and that his law of compulsory duality grounded on a gross materialism will be accepted in any case – there haven’t been such times on Earth! Never been!120


10*  - Ted - Theodor Yuryevich Vulfovich, a front-line soldier, a film director, the author of films "The Last Inch", "Hard Nut to Crack", etc.

11*  - Dina - a student of L. Reznik.

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  That's what it has come to!