About demand

(Updated translation)
5 June, 1984


 So today Luba again started the discussion on the subject of demand. She has got it: she studies the books, seeking for knowledge, she likes Light, enjoys it, waiting for it to flow down, doing her utmost to continue meditation. But with any difficulty arising she comes forth with demand. First she appears to be timid in her demand, then she proves more and more persistent. When she is humble, and invoking – she deserves help. But in the process of filling her up with energy she turns to be more capricious, arrogant, and tense; there arises the lower Capricorn inside her, trying to reach the peak of Light (Luba's sign of birth is Capricorn). She still doesn't understand that such type of Capricorn will never admit Christ, because Light cannot pass through coagulant, it cannot pass through the demanding toughness.

If a man lived through all his life without demand for anything or anybody he would be already saved.

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