Esoteric aspects of private ownership


 You know that the Christ works as the Savior, and the Buddha is the Preserver. That means that They take dominion over the sacral and the kundalini. They are working together now through the Soviet egregor. They come to spiritualize those natures which we call "life". It’s most important. It means that a man has no right to possess the land as his private property, in the sense that he is not energetically capable to spiritualize such density. Only he who has spiritualized the matter has the right to possess it. Only by becoming the Christ can one say that the involutionary essence of the Earth has no more power over the initiate.

Energy of the Idea


The intensive Soviet idea has been implanted into our society. And naturally, when its energies passed into the lower zones kundalini of the people exploded and it immediately demanded a strong leader. As a result, the country got an Asur in all its glory. Well, but what’s the point of the height of the Soviet Egregor about it? What does Stalin have to do with it?! If you, for example, pray to the Christ, and He gave his energy and you are in the Christ, and then the energy went down to kundalini, and a despot arose in you, then what does the Christ have to do with it?

This is what happened with the Soviet system. The communist idea - which (as Djwhal Khul says) does not contradict the spirit of the Christ - turned out to be entirely guilty! The communist idea is a great voltage of energies. Its realization requires people to practice: moral purity, asceticism, collectivism, service, high relations. But did people practice them? It was difficult for them to accept the current of the Master Morya, for it is necessary to be purer. But our country is now not on the line of purification. People “state” the dollar on their kundalini. Oh, my! And this is happening on the energy of the Soviet Egregor! And what will then happen?!

Foreword to part II


The attentive reader will notice that the Master Djwhal Khul in his books correlates Communism with the Third Ray of Activity or Intelligence. Whereas in this part of the brochure - made up of books of Lyudmila Reznik - Communism is explained as a conductor of the First Ray of Will.

Alternatives of the world development


 Today it would appear, from all the indications and from the dominant world trends, that the still unconquered greed of certain of the more powerful nations is undeniably rampant, and that we are therefore facing another period of frustration and of major world difficulty. Feeling against Russia is running high among the Western Powers and is largely her own fault, though it is primarily based upon two main factors—one of them bad and the other good.

The bad reaction is based on the same old triplicity of fear, greed and jealousy and—from the angle of those three phases of selfishness—is entirely justified. That fact, in itself, supplies a major difficulty. Think this out.

The good reaction is based on the frustration of the idea or concept of developing a unified peaceful world—a world in which there would be no war and in which men could live at peace with each other and in security, and in which men everywhere could work, relatively unopposed, towards right human relations. This super-world and this unified humanity is a true ideal, but is not a feasible project.75

"Ideas, their Sources and spiritualized Planes"


Scheme "Ideas, their Sources and spiritualized Planes"

This scheme is based on the book by the Master D. K. "The Destiny of the Nations".


Three leading nations


Three great countries hold the destiny of humanity in their hands at this time: The United States of America, Great Britain and Russia. Great fusing, racial experiments are going on in all these lands; the rule of the people is being developed in all of them, though it is as yet in an embryonic stage. In Russia it is being retarded by a dictatorship which will shortly end; in the States by corrupt politics, and in Great Britain by ancient imperialistic tendencies. But democratic principles are being developed, if not controlling; religious unity is being established though it is not yet functioning, and all three countries are learning very rapidly, though the United States at present is learning the most slowly.22

Three leading ideologies of the world (part 2)


...In the aggregate of this play with ideas, and in the constant impact upon the human consciousness of the great concepts which lie back of our evolutionary process, the race is developing the power to think, to choose, and to build a sure foundation. Through the evolutionary presentation of these ideas there is a steady march towards a liberty of thought (through the old method of experiment, of discard, and of renewed effort with ever newer concepts) which will enable mankind to build true to the great thought patterns which underlie the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantly being made sensitive to these patterns, so that the individual mind can recognise them and wrest them out of the darkness into the light of day. Thus will the true patterns be made available, to play their part in leading the race towards its destiny, towards those deeper realisations which mould the racial types, and to that synthesis of understanding which will result in a realisation of Brotherhood.17

Three leading ideologies of the world (part 1)


The outstanding expression of this fifth ray energy can be seen in the rapid formulating of the many ideologies which have taken place since the year 1900. Such words as Fascism, Communism, National Socialism, Socialism as the British accept it, and the names of many schools of psychology and philosophy, were unknown one hundred years ago; today they are the common talk and phrases of the man in the street. The inflow of this mental energy into the world of men, the attainment in consciousness of mental ability by many thousands, and the achievement of mental polarisation by aspirants all the world over, are all due to the activity of this fifth ray energy; this may be regarded as preparatory work for the first and the second initiations2*.13

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