Jewish question



House of Bread

29 March, 1988


...Remember we’ve been discussing why Jews are leaving for Israel to live, a place where, frankly speaking, it is not safe. Suddenly, I realized for the first time that Jews, who have the Covenant with Living God - and being not a nation but the basis of the entire fifth race - do not have a sense of fear. Why? The quality that the fifth race has been developing is the intellect (the mental plane). This quality must be developed in all the subraces of our fifth race. ESOTERIC SOURCES SAY THAT WHEN MAN PASSES TO THE HIGHER SUBPLANES OF THE MENTAL PLANE AND HAS SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS ON ONE OF THEM, HE OBTAINS AN IMMORTAL CONSCIOUSNESS. So immortality begins with certain sub-planes of the mental plane...

When in the afterlife the astral body and the consciousness of the lower subplanes of the mental are dissolved the causal consciousness developed throughout life remains. Naturally, a Jew (as a bearer of the mental quality of the entire fifth race) has his own peculiarity in the very experience of death. At the level of a permanent atom it (this peculiarity) is encoded in their mental body. Therefore, all the subraces of our race, all the gentiles must energetically unite with this mental element. (This is similar to secondary individualization.)

At first (18,000,000 years ago) the Sons of Flame came to Earth from Venus and implanted the Manasic principle (mind) into the animal man. That event determined the further evolutional course of the whole human evolution. Now a similar process takes place, only in scale of the fifth race. Through interaction with the gentile material (but not with the mental former Atlanteans) Jews must unite their mental (third ray) element ("flour") with the second ray (astral) quality of gentiles ("yeast"). As a result, both will benefit. I call it "the baked bread" - when both "flour" and "yeast" turn (together) into a new quality. Mind united with love through the actual idea settled down by the Hierarchy gives birth to the quality of Love-Wisdom on the Buddhic plane.


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