The Mahatma Letters



Koot Hoomi, The Master


Махатма Кут Хуми

 The Master Koot Hoomi - Who is also very well known in the occident, and has many pupils everywhere, is of Kashmiri origin, though the family originally came from India. He is also an initiate of high degree, and is upon the second, or the Love-Wisdom Ray. He is a man of noble presence, and tall, though of rather slighter build than the Master M. He is of fair complexion, with golden-brown hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, through which seem to pour the love and the wisdom of the ages.

Morya, the Master


Махатма Мория

The Master Morya - Who is one of the best known of the Eastern adepts, and Who numbers amongst His pupils a large number of Europeans and Americans, is a Rajput Prince, and for many decades held an authoritative position in Indian affairs.

The Mahatma Letters (the originals)


These are the original letters of Mahatmas M. and K.H. to A.P. Sinnett and A.O. Hume.


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