The Master Morya



Mahatma Morya


Mahatma Morya

Morya, the Master


Махатма Мория

The Master Morya - Who is one of the best known of the Eastern adepts, and Who numbers amongst His pupils a large number of Europeans and Americans, is a Rajput Prince, and for many decades held an authoritative position in Indian affairs.

Liturgy to the Masters

(Updated translation)
12 June, 1984


 Glorious Shambala, the Great kingdom of Truth. Light-bearing realm, the place of the realised aspiration, Great Beings, Brothers, Masters, – the source of power, of help, the source of destruction and creation, the source of our salvation. Each time You verify our inner state: can we forget ourselves when seeing Light ahead? Are we ready to make a step to the land of Truth? How long can we stay in Light? As the Book of Isaiah says: “Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire? Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning? The burning of Your Immortality, O God!” This flame burns off all that is based on earthly, personal principles. It’s not good as It’s not bad. It’s not moral and not – immoral. It’s the fact of Cosmos. It’s the fact of advance to Cosmos.

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