The Master Serapis



Three-level Meditation

10 May, 1985


Diagram of the painting 'The Tree Of Life. Burning Bush'

In the year of 1978 I got the evidence of this Hierarchy Ladder in the North Caucasus in the cave. The description of the quality of each sephiroth in the occult sephiroth system amazingly resembled the Entity in my every vision. Everything was arranged in the same order. Then it turned out that the positions and the attributes of all the angels on the icon "Burning Bush" were the exact copy of the images of those Entities, Who came to me in my evidence. They flew into myself, being so real and with such triumph assurance, that I got deeply convinced of the fact that those Entities were of my own Higher bodies, hovering over me in visions.

In the Old Testament they described the vision of "Ladder of Heaven" shown to Jacob. The description says that "angels ascend and descend on it". Unfortunately, nothing else is said about it. But what happened to me at that time in the mountains, in the cave over the river running in the valley, - was the true evidence of Jacob's Ladder.

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