Who are you? The dancer or just a sum of moves?

(Updated translation)
2 May, 1984


 Now you come and get ready to listen to me. But before I begin speaking, I “listen” to you inwardly. And I “hear” the following: “How does the Teacher feel about me? How do I look like? Am I appreciated enough or not? Am I criticised or not? How do the people around feel about me? Shall I be able to fit the context and the subject?”– that is your selfish bundle of agitation. I hear neither your interest to the subject, nor the continuation of your own inner life, nor your question to me.

Thus by passing from one situation to another you become merely a clot of reaction to the outer world. Trying to adapt yourself to it you never continue your own life. It would be quite natural unless there is Eternal Entity inside each of you.

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