Tree of Life

Ascending meditation

(Updated translation)
1 June, 1984


Painting "The Tree Of Life. Burning Bush"

 You have got a vision of seven manifestations of Hierarchy. It is not merely a sign of reality of the Higher Beings. It’s a sign of your ability to become homogeneous with Them. When the Hierarchy Beings reveal Themselves, They initiate you into Them. They may be called as the entities of your Soul.

They show Themselves to you when you are ready to receive intensive initiating energies. It takes long time for the corresponding chakra to adapt to the intensive vibration of these currents, that is, build up antahkarana until due to the regime of reverential service it gets ready to turn into the vehicle of Hierarchy Soul, the centre of Hierarchy Being. That is how the process of building up Antahkarana looks like.

"The Tree Of Life. Burning Bush"


'The Tree of Life. Burning Bush.'

The Tree of Life. Burning Bush.

The painting written by Alexander REKUNENKO on spiritual witnesses by Lyudmila Reznik.

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