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Conversation with Theodor Vulfovich10* (Ted)



At the end of the twentieth century, the whole world will worship Satan.

The main centre of attraction is the country Tartary (the ancient name of Russia).

Ragno Nero, an astrologer and a predictor, XIV century


Dina11*: Don’t you think, Theodore, that as soon as society becomes bourgeois its positive reference point instantly disappears: both truth and conscience, and higher justice, and God?

Ted: No, it is not so. The reference point remains the same. Both truth, and conscience, and higher justice, and God!


Three-level Meditation

10 May, 1985


Diagram of the painting 'The Tree Of Life. Burning Bush'

In the year of 1978 I got the evidence of this Hierarchy Ladder in the North Caucasus in the cave. The description of the quality of each sephiroth in the occult sephiroth system amazingly resembled the Entity in my every vision. Everything was arranged in the same order. Then it turned out that the positions and the attributes of all the angels on the icon "Burning Bush" were the exact copy of the images of those Entities, Who came to me in my evidence. They flew into myself, being so real and with such triumph assurance, that I got deeply convinced of the fact that those Entities were of my own Higher bodies, hovering over me in visions.

In the Old Testament they described the vision of "Ladder of Heaven" shown to Jacob. The description says that "angels ascend and descend on it". Unfortunately, nothing else is said about it. But what happened to me at that time in the mountains, in the cave over the river running in the valley, - was the true evidence of Jacob's Ladder.

House of Bread

29 March, 1988


...Remember we’ve been discussing why Jews are leaving for Israel to live, a place where, frankly speaking, it is not safe. Suddenly, I realized for the first time that Jews, who have the Covenant with Living God - and being not a nation but the basis of the entire fifth race - do not have a sense of fear. Why? The quality that the fifth race has been developing is the intellect (the mental plane). This quality must be developed in all the subraces of our fifth race. ESOTERIC SOURCES SAY THAT WHEN MAN PASSES TO THE HIGHER SUBPLANES OF THE MENTAL PLANE AND HAS SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS ON ONE OF THEM, HE OBTAINS AN IMMORTAL CONSCIOUSNESS. So immortality begins with certain sub-planes of the mental plane...

When in the afterlife the astral body and the consciousness of the lower subplanes of the mental are dissolved the causal consciousness developed throughout life remains. Naturally, a Jew (as a bearer of the mental quality of the entire fifth race) has his own peculiarity in the very experience of death. At the level of a permanent atom it (this peculiarity) is encoded in their mental body. Therefore, all the subraces of our race, all the gentiles must energetically unite with this mental element. (This is similar to secondary individualization.)

At first (18,000,000 years ago) the Sons of Flame came to Earth from Venus and implanted the Manasic principle (mind) into the animal man. That event determined the further evolutional course of the whole human evolution. Now a similar process takes place, only in scale of the fifth race. Through interaction with the gentile material (but not with the mental former Atlanteans) Jews must unite their mental (third ray) element ("flour") with the second ray (astral) quality of gentiles ("yeast"). As a result, both will benefit. I call it "the baked bread" - when both "flour" and "yeast" turn (together) into a new quality. Mind united with love through the actual idea settled down by the Hierarchy gives birth to the quality of Love-Wisdom on the Buddhic plane.


About the work in Russia. Belief and totality.

17 May, 1990


(the talk with Pogrebinsky Yurey Andreevich)


LYUDMILA: ... I love your Soul and I say that here in our country you are given the denser material of Aquarius, the Russian and Soviet nature altogether. Now look! You’ve been involved into the complicated situation., but you are not the only one anyhow. Now all those who make a particular accent on their nationality of " the Russian" for some strange reason start behaving like that. I suggest that you read Russian folk fairy tales... It's notable why Ivan the Fool was slaughtered to pieces by Kaschei the Immortal... isn't it because these two are just both sides of the same entity? Ivan the Fool – is the Soul, and Kaschei— the personality (Dweller on the Threshold). And why Ivan let his body be slaughtered, his physical body, by the way, but finally he got it revitalized… The sense of this Russian tale might not be that simple. So it's the good reason to ponder if there could possibly be hidden the fundamental materialistic point, or accent on the earthly gene life duration, that is fixed deep in your consciousness. You should watch out the principle moment — what is dominating in your mind? The earthly gene flesh which you give the status of the root priority, or God. Pay attention to your total reactions, to the way how you settle the problems of your physical survival or, suppose your attitude towards the poor health of your nearest, or your own illness...You have to determine quite honestly for yourself the moment when and where your life becomes natural indeed. This point is greatly important for the Russian man now, otherwise he will inevitably fall together with his mysterious Soul right into the paws of capitalistic Kaschei.

... So even if it's only you, who is conscious of it, then according to the Law of precipitation of thoughtforms there appear many in Russia who will understand it too. I mean that if you ponder it over deeply and with sincere pains of your Soul, the discrepancy and duality of a Russian man may disappear at last, — with his upper part praying in church, his vital centre being locked up, whereas his lower part — sacral and kundalini lives by quite a separate logic.

Seraphim of Sarov


Seraphim of Sarov

 Seraphim of Sarov (born Prokhor Isidorovich Moshnin) (30 July [O.S. 19 July] 1754 – 14 January [O.S. 2 January] 1833) is a hieromonk of the Sarov monastery, a founder and the spiritual leader of the Diveyevo Convent. He is one of the most honored Orthodox saints.

Seraphim of Sarov is renowned for his devotion to Mother of God (God-bearer) to Whom he dedicated his whole life.

“When Seraphim of Sarov saw Mother of God in his vision, when he realized how insignificant and sinful he was, how evolutionarily far he was from the Beloved Being, he stood on a stone and then for thousand days and nights was begging: “O, Lord! Save me and have mercy on me, the sinner!” Thousand days and nights! He came to this inherently! He just realized that he was sinful, and it was shameful and painful beyond all bearing. He didn’t demand anything from anyone – following the old logic of self-affirmation – but he was imploring forgiveness and was disappearing, dying before the Highest Light”.

Lyudmila Reznik “Path on the Water”, chapter “The Exactingness of Men”.



 Kundalini is the Covenant. Even some small episode must be finished and finally fixed. Otherwise, staying in the middle you go out of reality. Life consists of plots and each one has its first and seventh stage of final magic! Otherwise, death! And the Soviet is dying because it did not recognize its own goal as a reality, the spirituality of a human. Capitalism is more of kundalini in this case. It recognizes God (in heaven), and Mammon (as God on Earth). In money it fulfills the law of competition and of the power of money in kundalini manner but in God it trusts in half-n-half manner ... It trusts and steals. It steals from God and carries to the money and mammon. The half-n-half is always weaker than the ultimate.

The principle of implementation


 The beginning of work with humanity (in our era) was laid through Blavatsky. Later - through the Theosophical Society principles given by the Masters. Equality, brotherhood and comprehension of the inner human nature were embodied in Soviet Russia. Russia received the Atmic Ladder joined by many Jews: revolutionaries, cultural and scientific workers. Then, in the Great Patriotic War, they gave the greatest percentage of the heroes of the Soviet Union. That is, the energies of the Atma circled up the Jewish power into the Ring.110

Russia is the home of a germinating Revelation


 The Soviet egregor appeared as a result of further evolution on our Earth, when the energies of the Second Ray (the Son) had been replaced by the first ray energies of the Will Aspect (the Father). There came the need to work with the densest zones. Therefore the egregor of our state and its way of life are conditioned by the energies of the First Ray. Hence, the voluntarism and other negative manifestations of the will as an expression of the coagulation of these energies. However, there are also the Higher manifestations of the first-ray character!108

We are incarnated in Russia with its culture, with its highest Messengers (as Daniel Andreev called them): Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Seraphim of Sarov, Sergius of Radonezh. It is fair to say that in previous centuries our people developed the heart and the vitality. There were attempts to pass from the Second Ray to the First Ray. But when the necessity for a gentry’s and intellectuals’ idea of justice to come to life arose – the revolution took place. Why did it happen? In order that the idea of justice could become a being! Not a belief, not a beautiful ideal but that it could be realized in life itself. So that it could be manifested in a couple relations (the sexual plane) and on kundalini plane (the principle of being): which is the state, the power of people, the power of the Soviets.

Glow of the Russian Spirit


A Russian man with his desire to meet ideals is especially "shepherded" by the Christ. A Russian man is the most yearning one... Even the most ordinary people demonstrate a special understanding as soon as you speak about longing for the Soul. I have seen it both in the Urals, in Siberia, and in the North. His house is not yet built but he is worried about the Soul. This quality of being watchful to phrases such as "Versilov6* is of no origin", this kind of watchfulness to a word about the Soul - is very important.

New World Order


The difficulties confronting the nations when the war is over may seem insuperable but—given vision, goodwill and patience—they can be solved. Assuming that humanity will not rest until the aggressor nations are subdued, it will be necessary for the conquering democracies to be generous, merciful, understanding and attentive to the voice of the people as a whole. It is that voice (usually sound in its pronouncements) which must be evoked, recognised and listened to, and not the voices of the separative exponents of any ideology, of any form of government, religion or party. The objective of those who are entrusted with the straightening out of the world is not the imposition of democracy upon the entire world or to force Christianity upon a world of diversified religions. It is surely to foster the best elements in any national government to which the people may subscribe, or which they intelligently endorse. Each nation should recognise that its form of government may be suited to it and quite unsuited to another nation; it should be taught that the function of each nation is the perfecting of its national life, rhythm and machinery, so that it can be an efficient co-partner with all other nations.


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