Three leading ideologies of the world (part 2)


...In the aggregate of this play with ideas, and in the constant impact upon the human consciousness of the great concepts which lie back of our evolutionary process, the race is developing the power to think, to choose, and to build a sure foundation. Through the evolutionary presentation of these ideas there is a steady march towards a liberty of thought (through the old method of experiment, of discard, and of renewed effort with ever newer concepts) which will enable mankind to build true to the great thought patterns which underlie the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantly being made sensitive to these patterns, so that the individual mind can recognise them and wrest them out of the darkness into the light of day. Thus will the true patterns be made available, to play their part in leading the race towards its destiny, towards those deeper realisations which mould the racial types, and to that synthesis of understanding which will result in a realisation of Brotherhood.17

Three leading ideologies of the world (part 1)


The outstanding expression of this fifth ray energy can be seen in the rapid formulating of the many ideologies which have taken place since the year 1900. Such words as Fascism, Communism, National Socialism, Socialism as the British accept it, and the names of many schools of psychology and philosophy, were unknown one hundred years ago; today they are the common talk and phrases of the man in the street. The inflow of this mental energy into the world of men, the attainment in consciousness of mental ability by many thousands, and the achievement of mental polarisation by aspirants all the world over, are all due to the activity of this fifth ray energy; this may be regarded as preparatory work for the first and the second initiations2*.13

"Russia in the XX century. Esoteric basis of Ideology" (online)


Russia in the XX century. Esoteric basis of Ideology

The idea to create this brochure was inspired by a number of reasons. But first of all it was essential to emphasize the comprehending of the fact that there are three main ideologies in the world and that the ideology of Communism (on par with Democracy and Monarchy) is the required expression of definite energies in the human kingdom.

A man's longing for the Holy Spirit

1 October, 1984


 Here is the one whom we women had been struggling with for centuries, for millennia, the one who had been killing us, the one who had been enslaving us, the one who had been humiliating us, the one who had been dominating us to assert himself, the one who had been appealing to us with a view to triumphing over us, the one who had been embracing us with a view to leaving us, the one who had been looking at us with a view to seeing nothing of what we were. And here, having given birth to wars and bombs, he had suddenly realized that he had given birth to nothing, that he was nothing but a pair of empty hands that were able to do everything but were in fact meaningless.

"The Demon sitting"


Mikhail Vrubel. 'The Demon sitting'

 Mikhail Vrubel (1856 - 1910), a famous Russian symbolist painter, who had pictorialized Mikhail Lermontov's romantic Caucasian poem "The Demon". This demon is a powerful fallen angel, a spirit not so much evil as suffering and sorrowing, who had fallen in love with a mortal woman.

Read  "The Demon"  poem in English (downloading pdf file).

Ascending meditation

(Updated translation)
1 June, 1984


Painting "The Tree Of Life. Burning Bush"

 You have got a vision of seven manifestations of Hierarchy. It is not merely a sign of reality of the Higher Beings. It’s a sign of your ability to become homogeneous with Them. When the Hierarchy Beings reveal Themselves, They initiate you into Them. They may be called as the entities of your Soul.

They show Themselves to you when you are ready to receive intensive initiating energies. It takes long time for the corresponding chakra to adapt to the intensive vibration of these currents, that is, build up antahkarana until due to the regime of reverential service it gets ready to turn into the vehicle of Hierarchy Soul, the centre of Hierarchy Being. That is how the process of building up Antahkarana looks like.

Lakshmi is the Goddess of the Essence of the Christ, sitting in lotuses

12 September, 1988


       The Goddess Lakshmi is sitting on a lotus and holding lotuses in her arms. The lotuses are pink, pink-white... When we imagine a lotus and the Goddess of lotuses, the wife of Vishnu, we really see the Lotus. It means that we perceive the energies which come to us from the Space, but we perceive these energies in a lotus-like way. We turn them into a living, petalous aura...

        Why Lakshmi is the Goddess of the root or the Essence, the Goddess of the root principle of Christ? Because the Christ is the transformation of energy into Life. It is the transformation of any manifestation into the eternal Breath. Transformation by refinement, through the higher delicacy. Owing to its pale-pink, exquisite, alive, petalous principle.

About demand

(Updated translation)
5 June, 1984


 So today Luba again started the discussion on the subject of demand. She has got it: she studies the books, seeking for knowledge, she likes Light, enjoys it, waiting for it to flow down, doing her utmost to continue meditation. But with any difficulty arising she comes forth with demand. First she appears to be timid in her demand, then she proves more and more persistent. When she is humble, and invoking – she deserves help. But in the process of filling her up with energy she turns to be more capricious, arrogant, and tense; there arises the lower Capricorn inside her, trying to reach the peak of Light (Luba's sign of birth is Capricorn). She still doesn't understand that such type of Capricorn will never admit Christ, because Light cannot pass through coagulant, it cannot pass through the demanding toughness.

If a man lived through all his life without demand for anything or anybody he would be already saved.

Commentaries to apocryphal "Mary Magdalene's Gospel"

(Updated translation)
5 May, 1984


 Today in morning meditation there came a comprehension of a phrase from “Mary Magdalene’s Gospel”: “Eve wished Adam only for herself”. It was neither the wish of allegiance in couple nor a protest against “free” relations. It was not setting up the higher law of couple; otherwise Eve wouldn’t have been called a “faithful servant of Devil”.

Eve didn’t want Adam to associate with the “Celestial angelhood”. How can one receive higher energies of Manas-Buddhi-Atma when he must organize “labour and wars” on Earth!?

"Pattern of the day"

(Updated translation)
3 May, 1984


 We came in, took our seats, got relaxed and found ourselves together. All the previous week we were fussing busy with our personal affairs of different necessity. But you must admit that in some way those affairs as a rule drew our attention off our inside, our own Self, and we had a feeling of the importance of outer relations with the world and people. But all our contacts anyhow did not enrich us, but on the contrary, we felt robbed, exhausted and weary. It was an ordinary week but why such an exhaustion?


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