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Dehra Dun. Friday. 4th.

Arrived only yesterday, last night late from Saharampur. The house very good but cold, damp and dreary. Received a whole heap of letters and answer yours first.

Saw at last M. and showed him your last or rather Benemadhab's on which you have scratched a query. It is the latter Morya answers. I wrote this under his dictation and now copy it.

I wrote to Sinnett my opinion on the Allahabad theosophists. (Not through me though?) Adityarum B. wrote a foolish letter to Damodar and Benemadhab writes a foolish request to Mr. Sinnett. Because K.H. chose to correspond with two men, who proved of the utmost importance and use to the Society they all — whether wise or stupid, clever or dull, possibly useful or utterly useless — lay their claims to correspond with us directly — too. Tell him (you) that this must be stopped. For ages we never corresponded with anyone, nor do we mean to. What has Benemadhab or any other of the many claimants done to have a right to such a claim? Nothing whatever.


Dehra Dun, now spelled Dehradun, is the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India adjoining Tibet.

Saharampur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India west of Nepal.

My opinion on the Allahabad theosophists. See letter No. 36.

Adityarum B. may have been a member of the Allahabad Theosophists.

Benemadhab refers to Benee Madhab Bhattachārya, President of the Prayāg Theosophical Society.