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Письмо №37 стр. 2

The man of 1880 would scarcely recognise the man of 1881 were they confronted. Compare them, then, good friend and Brother, that you may fully realize what time has done, or rather what you have done with time. To do this meditate — alone, with the magic mirror of memory to gaze into. Thus shall you not only see the lights and shadows of the Past, but the possible brightness of the Future, as well. Thus, in time, will you come to see the Ego of aforetime in its naked reality. And thus also you shall hear from me direct at the earliest, practicable opportunity, for we are not ungrateful and even Nirvana cannot obliterate GOOD."

These are the Master's words, as with His help I am enabled to frame them in your language, honoured Sir. I am personally permitted, at the same time to thank you very warmly for the genuine sympathy which you felt for me at the time when a slight accident due to my forgetfulness laid me on my bed of sickness.

Though you may have read in the modern works on mesmerism how, that which we call "Will-Essence" and you "fluid" — is transmitted from the operator to his objective point, you perhaps scarcely realize how everyone is practically, albeit unconsciously, demonstrating this law every day and every moment. Nor, can you quite realize how the training


"Aforetime" refers to a past time.

"A slight accident" refers to Djual Khool having broken his nose at night by running against a beam. See reference to this in Mahatma Letter No. 85b.