Письмо №39


Письмо №39 (ML-115)

Махатма М. - А.П. Синнетт

Январь, 1882

Титульных листов - 1.  Страниц - 2.

    Титульный лист


    Письмо №39 Титульный лист

    Received during brief visit to Bombay in January, 1882.

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    Письмо №39 стр. 1

    It was certainly K.H.'s and my great desire that since Scott could not attend the anniversary you should — not to take any part in its proceedings but simply — be present at it. This hapless organization will once more exhibit its representation without one single European of position and influence. But neither of us would force a course of action — against your wish — upon you. Therefore what I say must not be construed into an order or urgent request. We think it good — but you must obey your own cool judgment — the more so as perhaps to-day marks

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    Письмо №39 стр. 2

    a crisis. One reason for my calling you was K.H.'s wish that you should be brought under certain magnetic and other occult influences that would favourably act upon yourself in future.

    I will write more to-morrow for I yet hope you will give us a day or two and so let us have time to see what can be done for you by Khoothoomi.