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incipient stage is not a 1000 times higher there, than it is here? Besides which, every kingdom (and we have 7 — while you have but 3) is subdivided into seven degrees or classes. Man (physically) is a compound of all the kingdoms, & spiritually — his individuality is no worse for being shut up within the casing of an ant than it is for being inside a king. It is not the outward or physical shape that dishonours and pollutes the 5 principles — but the mental perversity. Then it is but at his fourth round, when arrived at the full possession of his Kama-energy and completely matured, that man becomes fully responsible “as at the sixth he may become a Buddha & at the seventh before the Pralaya — a Dhyan Chohan.” Mineral, vegetable, animal-man, all of these have to run their seven rounds during the period of earth’s activity — the Maha Yug. I will not enter here on the details of mineral & vegetable evolution, but I will notice only man — or — animal-man. He starts downward as a simply spiritual entity — an unconscious 7th principle (a Parabrahm in contradistinction to Para-parabrahm) — with the germs of the other six principles lying latent and dormant in him. Gathering solidity at every sphere — his six pr.[inciples] when passing through the worlds of effects, and his outward form in the worlds of causes (for these worlds or stages on the descending side we have other names), when he touches our planet he is but a glorious bunch of light upon a sphere itself yet pure and undefiled (for mankind and every living thing on it increase in their materiality with the planet). At that stage our globe is like the head of a newly born babe — soft, & with undefined features, and man — an Adam before the breath of life was breathed into his nostrils (to quote your own bungled up Scriptures for your better comprehension). For man and (our planet’s) nature — it is day — the first (see distorted tradition in your Bible). Man No. 1 makes his appearance at the apex of the circle of the spheres on sphere No. 1, after the completion of the seven rounds or periods of the two kingdoms (known to you) and thus he is said to be created on the