Письмо №79


Письмо №79 (ML-116)

Махатма К.Х. - А.П. Синнетт

Август, 1882

Конверт - 1. Страниц - 1.



Письмо №79, Конверт

A. P. Sinnett.

Страница 1


Письмо №79, стр. 1

My dear Friend,

I am tired and disgusted with all this wrangling to death. Please read this before giving it to Mr. Hume. If, as a debt of gratitude, he would exact but a pound of flesh, I would have naught to say — but a pound of useless verbiage is indeed more than even I — can stand!

Yours ever,

K. H.

A pound of flesh refers to Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice, in which a lender insists on the harsh consequence of defaulting on a desperate bargain.