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her to transmit his letters to me nor mine to him; and since it is no longer possible for me to trust Fern, and that G.K. can hardly be sacrificed with any sense of justice, to a man who is utterly unable to appreciate any service rendered except his own, — what shall we do about it? Since we have mixed ourselves with the outside world, we have no right to suppress the personal opinion of its individual members, nor eschew their criticisms, however unfavourable to us — hence the positive order to H.P.B. to publish Mr. Hume's article. Only, as we would have the world see both sides of the question, we have also allowed the joint protest of Deb, Subba Row, Damodar and a


G.K. probably refers to Djual Khool (spelled Gjual-Khul).

Mr. Hume's article entitled "C.C.M. and Isis Unveiled" was published in The Theosophist in Sept., 1882, pp. 324-326. Click here to read the article.

the joint protest was published as a response to Mr. Hume's article. See "A Protest" for a reproduction of this document.